A passionate Network | JustPic

Author : Rajesh Ediga | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Scrolling your social media feeds endlessly for hours is a complete waste of time, and you let your mind absorb all the negativity. This is what motivated us to develop an App, JustPic that allows people to follow their passion. Rather than liking, sharing and commenting on your friend’s latest vacation post, and feeling jealous that you didn’t get the opportunity to go out on holidays or someone’s relationship update, JustPic is all about your passion. It can be anything like you love to pen your thoughts, play badminton, play the guitar or even esports. You can build a community of people who are in love with the same passion, and talk about it for hours. After a tiring day of your 9-5 job that you hurt to its core, you can scroll JustPic and check what others are talking about your passion. You can follow mentors of your passion. So, with JustPic, you are not wasting your precious time, you’re doing something meaningful that could prove to be the real turning point in your life and It is only when you share your passion with others, that it delivers more joy and happiness. So, share some light and priceless moments of recreation based on your shared passions.