A Complete List of Tools Used By Fridge Repair Experts

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 18 May 2021

When you hire a professional from a reputed fridge repair company, the professional will come with a complete list of kits and tools, which will enable the professional to come up with a flawless service. In this write up, let us discuss a fairly comprehensive list of the tools that the professionals carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney or elsewhere would use. 

Safety Goggles

As refrigerator repair specialists the professionals often have encountered dusty surfaces, more so when it comes to removing dust and dirt from the condenser coils. They also have to encounter potential debris and chemicals while dealing with the refrigerators. Thus, safety goggles are always a must for them. 

Working gloves: The techies would also use either leather or rubber gloves while taking on the refrigerators. While the leather gloves will protect their hands from edges and sharp materials, the rubber gloves will protect them from harsh chemicals. 

Appliance glides or mats

In certain cases, the experts will need to move the fridges around safety without damaging the floor and the walls of the room. Appliance glides or mats come in handy under the circumstances, as they will add a layer of protection between the appliance and the flooring. 


While the professionals who offer fridge repairs in Ultimo or other places mainly deal with the refrigerator problems – quite obviously, they have to at times encounter situations, when there are electrical issues. Millimeters in these cases, would help these techies to measure the electrical properties and ascertain which parts of the fries are working properly and which parts are not. 

Voltage Tester Pens

These voltage tester pens allow the fridge repair techies to check for the voltage in the wires without touching the wires. This particular tool protects the techies from the potential electrocutions.

Sets of Specialised Screwdrivers

The fridge repair technicians would use a wide range of specialised screwdriver sets that help the techies to dismantle the parts and fittings to get to the spare parts that are the source of issues.

Cordless Drills

As the name suggests this is a cordless drilling machine that is used for drilling, if and when it is needed. This will make their drilling job, if and when needed, much easier. 

Nut Driver sets

Then the professionals are also equipped with nut driver sets of various sizes and shapes. 

Wrench Sets

The techies would also come up with wrench sets of metric and imperial sizes to work on the refrigerator defects. They are also equipped with socket wrench, and also an adjustable open ended wrench. 


Pliers help the techies who are into fridge repairs in Coogee to grip small parts and particles, more so while unscrewing the parts. In most cases, the needle nose pliers that they use come in handy. These tools also help to bend and cut wires if and when needed. And then, there are standard pliers, which will help release the hose clamps. The channel lock pliers on the other hand would help loosen various tight fittings. 

Thus you see, these are the tools that are more or less used by the techies who are into fixing refrigerators.