A Complete Guide to colors training certification

Author : Universal Accounting School | Published On : 25 Apr 2022

Our unique visual framework allows us to convey both the mechanics of accounting and the layout of financial data using simple concepts. The accounting language may then be deciphered rationally and intuitively. All of this is done in an interactive, engaging manner, allowing you to understand how your finances tell a company narrative.

Advantages of Color Accounting




Color Accounting is an engaging and participatory course that assumes no prior knowledge. Whether you've never heard of accounting before or are a Chief Financial Officer with years of expertise, you're invited to learn more about this valuable skill. You may learn a new language to interact with your employees, coworkers, and investors.


Business Owners


When non-finance employees are in positions like key account managers or marketing managers, they might benefit from comprehending financial discussions at meetings and making better financial decisions for the firm and its stakeholders.


Schools, Colleges, and Universities


Accounting literacy may assist recent graduates in improving their financial literacy in terms of planning and managing their lifestyles. Those studying accounting and business-related subjects will have an even greater grasp.


Accountancy Practices 


Understanding the financial ramifications of strategic decisions benefits key decision-makers. As you take on new clients, this is a terrific product to offer them to help them gain a better grasp of accounting and maximize their company's future success.


Takeaways from colors training certification


→ Developing a thorough knowledge of the balance sheet


→ Understanding the Income Statement and how it relates to the Balance Sheet


→ Define Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expenses clearly and memorably.


→ The BaSIS Framework combines these five factors into a comprehensive approach.


→ Using the journal and general ledger to record transactions


→ Understanding the Business Value Cycle


→ Practicing financial communication entails understanding not just language but also uncertainty and communication problems.


→ Identifying cash flow drivers and how they're represented on the Cash Flow Statement


→ Identifying risk areas, performance changes, and chances for improvement through analyzing a company's financial accounts.


→ EBITDA and EBIT are two financial indicators that may be calculated.


→ Creating budgets and projections


Wrapping Up


The way information in a financial model is shown, or financial model color formatting helps keep the visible portion of the financial model clean and easy to understand for the user. As previously stated, consistency, efficiency, and clarity are the three characteristics of a strong financial model. All three of them are aided by proper formatting. Color Accounting is a revolutionary new approach to studying accounting and its DISTINCT financial language and becoming skilled and educated in it. Color Accounting has had a life-changing influence on the skill and confidence, communication, and success of tens of thousands of students, managers, attorneys, and leaders. Boost your career today with Universal Accounting School's colors training certification and land your dream job. For more information, please visit us today.