7 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioner

Author : Ayesha Verma | Published On : 16 Sep 2021

Air conditioning has become an essential part of life. It is literally difficult to manage living without an air conditioner. If you are using an air conditioner, you will know how comfortable and healthy it is to beat the summer heat. The summer season needs to be taken care of as certain cities in India have a temperature rise of about 43 degrees. It is definitely not a good and safe idea to experience the horrific heat. Air conditioning systems are not very expensive now. It is easy to get convenient and affordable air conditioner models from various brands. If you are willing to know some interesting facts about an air conditioner, it will give you chills. These facts are not very commonly heard and you would be really eager to know before you enjoy your cooling system. Here’s some of the facts that you should know about

  • Without air conditioning, the warmer cities will be empty: There are some very warm cities in India that would literally be empty if there were no air conditioners. Without an air conditioner, it is not possible for anyone to strive at a temperature higher than 43 degrees. The cities are full-fledged because of the temperature balance done by the air conditioner. Without an air conditioner, there would be no crowd in the warm parts.
  • Before there was air conditioning, there was ice. Before you got an air conditioner for your cooling system, you would always rely on ice blocks. Ice blocks were used to keep the surroundings cool and comfortable. It was an important way of finding some relief from the heat during the summer. There was no technology, so people would keep heavy ice blocks to keep the temperature cool.
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  • When the air conditioner was introduced, it was used in several movie theatres. It was an interesting way of having the best temperature in the movie theatre and people would find the theatres to be the ideal place for cooling and comfort.
  • The first air conditioner was not designed for comfort and cooling. In 1902, Willis Carrier worked for a reputed publishing company, where it was decided that enough was enough with his paper expanding and the ink running during the summertime. He came up with the idea for the first widely known factory-scale cooler. This was how an air conditioner was first introduced.
  • Thank your air conditioner for modern medicine: Modern medicine is all there because of the air conditioner. An air conditioner is a must-have technology to keep modern medicine in the right condition and state. It is important to keep the medical laboratories cool and the temperature should always be chilled for a proper state of the medicines. It is an essential way in which modern medicine is all in the right state.
  • Summer vacation was born due to the heat: It was very hot during the summer for the students to be in school. This is why the summer vacation was introduced. Now the kids enjoy summer time with an air conditioner, and they find comfort and enjoy the cooling. During the summer vacation, they enjoy comfort and happiness with the help of an air conditioner at home.
  • The air conditioner is related to safety. The air conditioner keeps away bacteria and allergens from the air. People with asthma and allergies can get relief from an air conditioner.

Finishing up

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