5 Steps For Effective Hiring

Author : Yasin Mohamed | Published On : 30 Mar 2021

This can be difficult when it's done by one person or a competitively small team, We at TalentTurbo are in the market to solve this needs.

But, we do love to share some practices that will make hiring a little easier!

Being transparent during the recruitment process:

One of the most common mistakes while recruiting is not doing the primary telephonic discussion correctly. This first impression will give the candidate a clear cut idea about the whole recruitment process. As a result of being transparent about the expected qualification and other details, some candidates who may have been a poor fit will self-select out of the process, saving you time.

Relevant questions for efficient hiring:

As a hiring professional it is wise to plan questions that will be relevant to the job title which will get you the types of answers that will help you make your decisions in a jiffy. Stick with a template questioning session as it's a huge time saver. By getting yourself thoroughly with the template, the candidates can be kept engaged. By saving you the time you don't have to waste.

Scores While Screening:

Scoring every step during the interview is as important as the questions asked to a candidate. By doing this you will be able to score quickly. TalentTurbo screening process will help you secure the right candidate for the client and an ideal company for the candidate

The Advantage Of Social Media:

With the advantage of social media the hiring of candidates can be verified at the first level. With the relevant information about work experience, ideas and knowledge expressed.

This will help you filter out candidates that fail to meet client's requirements quickly and efficiently.

Detailed Role Explanation:

Information from the client is important, likewise it is mandatory to have a clear cut idea about the job that you are hiring for. The roles and responsibilities of the particular job defines the basic structure of an interview.

A recent study said that "most of the first telephonic interviews happen not talking about the elephant in the room " Job description". By avoiding this blur, hiring will be efficient as the candidate will have a clear idea about the role. This also enables a smooth onboarding transition which is ideal.