5 reasons to cruise to Lakshadweep this 2021

Author : omkar mane | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

Lakshadweep is an archipelago and also India’s smallest union territory, consisting of 36 islands off the coast of Kerala, India. All the islands here are not inhabited and only a few of them are open for visitors with permits.


As it is an archipelago consisting of various islands, there is no better way of visiting this place than a cruise. You could easily book a Lakshadweep cruise along with your family and loved ones online through the website of the cruise. Here are 5 reasons to book a cruise to Lakshadweep this year.



  • Breath-taking views

You can enjoy various breath-taking views of these islands while being on your cruise vacation. Passengers could wake up to a new view amidst the ocean during the trip. You can enjoy every sunrise and sunset while having fun on the cruise. Cruises provide you with cabins that allow you to enjoy the scenery without physically getting up from your bed. This allows you to enjoy sceneries during the trip while relaxing and being in your comfort zone.


  • Pocket-friendly offers and prices

Cruises provide you with reasonable rates and various offers for your cruise vacation to Lakshadweep. You could find these offers on the website of the cruise and avail of them while booking it. There are various cruises that sail to this destination regularly. You will find that a cruise is indeed a cost-effective way to sail to your favourite destination.


  • Avail of the various facilities

There are various facilities that you could avail of along with your family and loved ones while being on your cruise vacation to Lakshadweep. These services help you stay entertained and relaxed throughout the trip. Facilities such as swimming pools, children’s play area, etc. help the children to enjoy their time on the cruise whereas reading zones, spa and salon section is available for the older people to relax themselves on their trip. You should select your cruise based on the facilities you wish to avail yourself of during your vacation.


  • Variety of food options

Cruises provide you with diverse food options from Continental to Indian in their buffet list. The buffet is generally included in the cruise trip package that you choose. You can enjoy the buffet along with your family and loved ones and check the menu beforehand. Apart from these buffet’s, there are various restaurants available on the cruise. A reservation could be made in these restaurants by calling the restaurant or giving them a visit and reserving a table. Room service facility is also available on the cruise which allows the passengers to order their favourite dishes to their room with just a call.


  • Shore excursions

While booking your cruise vacation to Lakshadweep, the cruise provides you with the option of availing of the cruise’s guide. These guides plan your entire onshore activities and visiting sites along with snack/lunch breaks. You could book a guide through any third-party organisation as well and not opt for the cruise’s guide.


We hope that this article proved to be helpful and you head on a cruise vacation to Lakshadweep this year. Thank you!