5 Pro tips for Parents how to make homework fun

Author : ras al khaimah academy | Published On : 28 Apr 2021

The thing to be considered here is that assisting in homework doesn’t mean spending long hours with children orspoon-feed their every task. The assistance should be monitored and guided deliberately to lend a helping hand in accomplishing some tricky questions. Moreover, parents should also have a good idea about types of teachers at school and what they expect out of your child? This will give you an idea about how to tailor different tasks assigned to your child and up to what extent?

The primary purpose of parents should be to generate interest among children regarding their daily homework so that it becomes a part of their learning life easily. We have discussed some useful tips to make homework fun for your growing kids to perfectly nurture their self-dependency.

Select an apt place and time

The foremost important thing to generate interest of your child in homework is to find a suitable place where they feel comfortable and which tranquil enough to restrict any disturbance. Apart from this, there should be a proper time for doing homework and you should teach them the importance of routine in their learning stage. This will make your child punctual enough to understand the importance of time and get things done timely. Both place and time keep equal importance in performing daily tasks such as homework. It develops a sense of punctuality in children. Some best schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah like RAK American Academy emphasize much on motivating parents to be a part of their homework passively.

Fetch them a snack

A quick and healthy snack will always keep your child charged up during their homework time. Children often get famished during evening times as they spend most of their energy in the daytime at school. Offering them light and healthy snack will allow them to maintain their energy level and this will also act as a motivation for which children will wait eagerly. Make sure that they don’t get excited merely for the snack. Your snack should be an apt example of rewarding their hard work when they are busy in brainstorming with some critical concepts. RAK American Academy, the first American curriculum school in RAKinstructs guardians to provide their children nutritional snacks when they are exerting their mental abilities thoroughly while doing homework.

Respect their curiosity

It is a common scenario that parents often get annoyed when their children ask too many questions while doing their homework. Make sure that they don’t ask useless questions that have nothing to do with their learning. If they ask irrelevant questions, you can divert their mind deliberately towards their homework but never ever treat them too badly while asking questions.

Adopt a positive attitude

You have to deal with children very carefully at their initial learning stage. Always be patient and address their queries with a positive mindset. It is often noticed that parents easily get annoyed when they are not able to answer any query and behave quite rudely to their children. Some good private schools in Ras-Al-Khaimah support this view to be positive while dealing with children. This can cause you serious outcomes in the coming time. Be patient, be positive and if you don’t know a possible answer to their queries, use internet assistance.

Performance Appraisal

Appreciating your kids for their meticulous efforts will always pay rich dividends. You must learn to applaud their problem-solving skills and offer enough motivation to develop critical thinking skills. Children react more creatively when they are appreciated for their hard work and honest efforts.