5 Ingredients You Should Have to Make Ready Pizza at Home

Author : jack thomas | Published On : 11 Aug 2021

Is Pizza Healthy? Nutrition Tips for Pizza Lovers

Pizza is a classic dish that remains appropriate no matter the occasion. Some people do not know this but making pizza at home is easy than ordering takeout. The reason is that you can adjust the spices, nutrients, and calories intake by making yourself a pizza. Besides, when you cook the pizza, you will realize that there is no rocket science in its making. In my opinion, pizza is the easiest recipe you can opt for when nothing seems to work. What you all need is a mouth-watering recipe, dough ingredients, topping of your desire, and a piece of equipment. You can make the pizza in a gas or electric oven. Do not forget to use the gas pizza oven for sale offer. With this offer, you can get the equipment at less price. It is better to fill your pantry with the much-needed ingredients of pizza. The reason for this is that you can get the pizza craving at any time. Now, without any more discussion, let us list down the five ingredients for pizza that you should have in your kitchen cabinets.

1. All-purpose flour

The main ingredient for all types of pizza is all-purpose flour. Other than keto pizza, all-purpose flour is the base for all pizzas.  As the make suggests, this flour is suitable to make cakes, bread, cookies, and muffins. Make sure you have top-quality all-purpose flour in your pantry all the time. Having this in your kitchen can facilitate you in the baking of many other things too. Using this flour in pizza will result in a thin and crunchy crust. You can take care of your diet plan with this flour because it does not contain a high amount of gluten. You can also use 00 flour for pizza, but all-purpose flour is the most known one.

2. Yeast

We all know that dough is a crucial part of the pizza. That is why yeast is also a primary ingredient for making pizza. There is no doubt that yeast is the one item that pizza dough needs the most. You can use any yeast depending upon the situation and requirements. I prefer to use active dry yeast as this is the most widely used yeast for pizza. This yeast has a shelf life of almost two years. You have to keep the dough covered for some time so that it can rise.

3. Sugar

During the dough preparation, you need to add sugar to maintain the flavor of the dough. It is better to add granulated sugar so that it can mix up with the dough easily.

4. Pizza sauce

For the flavorful pizza, you need to apply a thick coat of pizza sauce to the dough. Some people opt for pasta sauce and tomato sauce, and it is up to them. Pizza sauce will work better if you buy it from a quality brand.

5. Veggies

No pizza is ever complete without a handful number of veggies. The benefit of veggies is that they are a healthy addition, and they also help you enhance the flavor of pizza.