5 Ideas to Make the Most From Your Party Photobooth Hire

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 15 May 2021

Seeking inspiration from the following booth ideas will help you make the most of your investment. So let’s get started to unfurl these remarkable ideas:

Neon light installation:

Choose a fantastic and enthralling party photobooth for hire with neon lights. Rows of chic and quirky blue-green hue are a prominent way of making your photo booth attract crowds!

Infinity mirror photobooth:

When you are considering the cheap photobooth hire prices, pay attention to how you can make the most within your limited means. Have you ever tried mirror photo booths? All you will need is four giant-sized mirrors, and you are good to go! If you can arrange for 5, then you are in a win-win situation. Join them end to end to create an infinity mirror photo booth. This type of booth works wonders for all ages and creates a striking effect in your parties.

Try the popcorn backdrop:

Are you planning a kids’ birthday party and looking for a suitable photobooth for hire in Melbourne? If yes, how about a popcorn themed photo booth to rock the party? Balloon garlands, especially of contrasting colours, are affordable options that come in handy on your budget. Buy little tubs and create a popcorn balloon garland by using strings and tiny hooks. 

This design is straightforward to implement and does not create chaos or debris. Your kids will love the idea and indeed behold the look of colorful balloons.

Vintage lights photobooth:

Classic and vintage ideas never run out of style. It is pretty standard that the most straightforward photo booth ideas work best for parties and events. If you are a sucker for minimalist patterns, hang in some vintage curtains and hang on them pendants and vintage lamps at varying heights. Hang them from a fence or any additional support by ensuring that the height is of apt measurements. 

Pro tip: The fabric backdrops must be of single solid colour to give the photo booth a more elegant and polished look! 

Floating confetti:

Confetti decors and decoration strategies have taken the internet by storm. So if you are planning to try for a party photobooth hire, then glance through the options you have regarding confetti and GIF photo booths. For instance, confetti and GIF photo booths are just like butter and bread and go perfectly well together. But cleaning of the messy confetti might take a toll on you, but if you opt for floating confetti patterns, then you are sure to create an eye-catching backdrop pattern.

The bottom line: There are many more photo booth designs that you will not be able to take your eyes from. So if you are planning a retirement party, housewarming party or just a formal product launch, photo booths can do wonders in all such events! Adopt any of the above booth ideas to make jaws drop in your event. If you are time tied with other preparations, then hiring professional photo booth dealers will be a great idea! With their knowledge, elite props and fantastic decoration skills, they will create mesmerising photo booths that your guests will remember for times to come!