5 Best universities for Accounting and Finance in Australia

Author : Echoes Education | Published On : 09 Jun 2021

Accounting and finance is a vital aspect of any small or large business enterprise which determines the organization’s financial health. It provides necessary details about the company’s progress and the threatening issues requiring an immediate address. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in accounting and finance can open several doors to a bright career. Besides the conventional roles of an accountant or auditor, such degree holders can opt for other lucrative career opportunities. Even the post of an accountant has several variations, including corporate accountant, public accountant, government accountant, forensic accountant, and chartered accountant.


Suppose you plan to establish yourself as an accountant and gain the accreditation of a professional organization such as CPA. In that case, achieving your undergraduate degree in Accounting major is a suitable idea. However, some students also go on to pursue a Master’s degree or optional certification courses. Australia is home to several reputed universities with prestigious bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and finance. If you achieve a scope to study in one of these best universities for accounting and finance in Australia, there is no looking back as you will get the wings to fly towards a bright future. 


Go through our list of the five best universities for accounting and finance in Australia and choose the one that suits your criteria. 


  1. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers a three-year Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] in Finance and accounting. The application deadline usually falls in February. To get into the university, you need to have math as the core subject in high school. Other than that, you need to clear either TOEFL or IELTS examination to prove your fluency in English speaking. Unfortunately, the acceptance rate of this university among the best universities for Accounting and Finance in Australia is only 30 percent. 


  1. University of New South Wales

An aspiring candidate needs to pay 125 AUD as an application fee. The university offers courses such as a Master's degree in finance, financial analysis, and financial planning. Among all the courses related to finance, only financial planning is a two years long course, and the rest of the two are one-year's long courses. To study accounting, an aspirant can apply for two years long Master of Commerce course. 


  1. University of Queensland

If the best universities for Accounting and Finance in Australia are considered, the University of Queensland will appear on top of your list. It is situated in Brisbane, Australia. The university offers both bachelor's and master's degrees in Accounting. The master's degree is two years long, and on the other hand, the undergraduate degree is three years long. In the field of Finance, the university offers the only bachelor of commerce degrees. A student needs to pay approximately 30000 USD per year for these courses. 


  1. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 in South Australia. The university offers a three-year Bachelor of Finance course, and in Accountancy, only a master's degree is offered. It is a two-year long course. A candidate needs to pay approximately 33000 USD every year for the Bachelor's degree, and the master’s degree in accountancy candidates will have to pay 35420 USD per year.


  1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne can be considered one of the best universities for Accounting and Finance in Australia, which offers only master's degrees in Accountancy and Finance. The master's degree offered by the university in Finance is 18 months long and approximately 62000 USD needs to be paid for the course. The M. Mgmt degree is based on both Accounting and Finance. A selected candidate needs to pay a total of 35284 USD for this course. 


Conclusion: If you want to study accounting or finance-related degree course programs in Australia, you need to get all the information about the best institutions in Australia. Apply for the course before the deadline and if you get selected, make sure that you have a proper student visa. In this article, we have taken the best universities for Accounting and Finance in Australia, which accept students worldwide. Apply today to fulfil your dream of studying for Finance and Accounting related bachelors and master's degree in Australia.