5 Amazing Uses of Custom Buttons Pins You Must Know About

Author : Steve Morgan | Published On : 07 May 2021

Do you know why even in the digital era where Facebook ads or Instagram promotions, why printed marketing tools are still there, helping businesses reaching out to their target audiences? The reason behind this is that even with a small printed tool, you can get super creative and fuel your promotion way better than any other medium. If you are wondering how this can happen, then you should try marketing with button pins.

Button pins are small, cute and often more effective in a subtle way to take your promotion to the next level. And most importantly, it creates an amazing visual impression on all segments of your local audience. And it is a cost-effective tool too. So, how can you use button pins for your promotions? Take a look at the following points to know more.

For Employees in Your Establishment or Events

Maybe you are running a business where you have to meet hundreds of customers every day. Or you are hosting an event where there will be a huge gathering too. In places like this, it is essential that you get to distinguish your staff or employees from the rest. That way your customers will also get a chance to know whom they should rely on for assistance. If they are sporting custom button pins, then it will be easier for recognizing them. Use your brand logo or color or both on the badge so that the ones sporting them will stand out.

Campaigns and Celebrations

Are you celebrating a cause in your community? Or are you planning to start a campaign for some political figure you support? For both of these reasons, button pins can be an excellent medium for marketing. On one hand, you can get the face of the person you are supporting on the pin. On the other, a round button pin can be perfect to sport the tag line of your celebrations. Come up with something catchy for that.

Affordable Token Gifts

A custom printed button pin can be an affordable token gift on various occasions. On birthdays, if you want to plan a return gift for all the kids, button pins can be great. Get the picture of popular superheroes printed on them. For a wedding, annual dinners or even for freebies to send out with the main product people have ordered from you, button pins can be great.

Fashion Accessories

 There are many people who love to sport button pins. On their t-shirts, their hoodies, or on the straps of their backpacks, they every kind of button pins. Not just teenagers, this is a very popular fashion trend for many casual dressers around the globe. These button pins might have some quirky designs they like or can convey a message with which they can relate really well. In any case, they are cool ways to look great too.


For many people around the world, getting merchandise from their favorite bands, actors, sportsperson, TV shows or movie series is a hobby. And button pins can be a great part of their collectibles too. Popular lines, characters and so on can be printed on the pins for attractive merchandise.

So, now as you know about these popular and creative uses of custom printed button pins, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed printing company offering affordable printing and has BBB accreditation. And then place your order with them