4 Reasons Why Italian Marble is Admired

Author : A-Class Marble | Published On : 01 Apr 2021

Marble has been used in the construction industry since time immemorial. With its fine texture and wide variety, people love to adorn their homes by installing fine quality marbles in their living space.


There have been quarries presenting the world with exquisite marbles all over the globe. However, marbles from one country stand a class apart and have become synonymous with luxury and opulence. Carrara, Calcutta and Statuario marbles from Italy receive more acclaim and fame than any other marble in the world.


If you don't believe me, go and ask for the recommendation of the best marble from people in your nearby marble store or quarry and I assure you that Italian marble is the answer you are going to receive from them.


Wondering about the mystery of Italian marble fame? Here is a list of reasons why Italian marbles are so adored and have the reputation of being the best marble in the world brought to you by A-Class Marble is the leading Marble Dealer in Rajasthan.


  • Italian marble is elegant. Without a doubt, Italian marble is one of the most beautiful marbles in the world. It provides a sophisticated, luxurious look to the place it is installed in. For this very reason, Italian marble has adorned the palaces of royalties in ancient Rome and many monuments of significance have been blessed with the splendor of this marble.


  • Italian marble has stood the test of time. Italian marbles come with the assurance that one is being provided with utmost quality as durability and sturdiness of Italian marbles is evident in the Roman art and architecture which is standing strong even after centuries when other buildings have turned into ruins over time.


  • Italy has the vastest quarries in the world. Headlines are made by those things which are best in the industry. Italy is the country where marble is quarried extensively setting the highest standards for quality control in the world.


  • Roman architecture markets Italian marble. Travel is what people do to explore different cultures and lifestyles. People travel to Italy to witness its rich heritage and awe-inspiring architecture. On witnessing the beauty of Italian marble in the architectural accents there, the demand for the fine quality of Italian marbles soars.


It is hoped that some clarity has been gained by you about the popularity of Italian marbles. If you want to install Italian marbles in your home, A-Class Marble is among the leading Italian Marble Floor Suppliers which avails the Indian masses of premium quality Italian marble. If you want Italian Imported Marble in Hyderabad or Delhi, A-Class Marble supplies fine Italian marbles all over the country.