4 Mistakes To Avoid When Building And Maintaining A Fishpond

Author : UltraClear by ABI Inc. | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

A decent fishpond in the garden can make the landscape more attractive and increase the value of your property. Many have a dream of having a small koi in backyards, and you can consider yourself lucky if you have enough space to get one. However, doing things the wrong way can ruin everything, even after wasting money on construction. If you want to keep your fish healthy in a clean pond, watch out for the mistakes.

Wrong location

When seeing unoccupied space in your yard, you may want to construct a structure or two as a part of the renovation project. The plan seems harmless, but you never know whether there are water mains or a sewer line beneath the ground. Meanwhile, building a pond in the lower ground level can increase the risk of collecting dirt from floodwater during raining season. Look for a higher spot that can hold gravel and clay around the year.

Lack of maintenance

Observing little fish playing in the water can melt your heart, but it does not mean that nature can take care of the pond without your help. Unlike a national park where flora and fauna can settle together around the pond, a private property requires routine maintenance. You cannot dig a pond and add water and fish for fun. Not cleaning the pond and surrounding plants can make your garden dirty. Invest in aquarium muck digester tabs and cleaning tools to clean the pond regularly.

Not having ledges

Whenever you pour water on the loose ground, the small ripples of water can erode the soil constantly. In the same way, the pond water will find its way to the hardest boundary in its surrounding. If you ignore the idea of putting ledges and slopes, all the soils are likely to merge into the water and ruin the structure. To prevent the ground from deteriorating, you should install gravels or rocks to guard the pond. Look for bioengineering products to save the land from erosion.

Too many fish in a small pond

Many people think that adopting some little fish in a small pond is an easy thing. Contrary to this belief, small ponds are the most dangerous thing if you want to adopt fish. Putting too many fish in a small pond can kill marine beings very soon. A congested area can cause several problems due to the lack of oxygen present in the water. Create an aeration facility to allow fish and plants to breathe in enough oxygen. You can clean the bathtub every week using cleaning products, but the method is different in pond maintenance.

From siphoning the water to removing algae and dirt particles from the water, all the tasks require abundant knowledge of pond maintenance. Order a pack of aquarium dechlorinator and all the necessary equipment to initiate the pond construction project.

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