4 benefits of buying comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online

Author : Nikhil Parab | Published On : 17 Aug 2021

When you plan on buying a new two-wheeler, whether it is a bike or a scooter; you will want to add many of the latest features to enhance its performance. However, the most important thing that you need to get after buying a bike is a bike insurance plan. It is insurance for your bike that has many features and benefits that will make sure your new two-wheeler is well protected.

But most of the time, people say that they’ll buy their bike insurance online to avoid paying any extra fees or hidden fees, and then they get confused if whether they should go for third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance. So here are 4 benefits of getting your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online:

  • The process is time-saving

Buying new bike insurance in person could be a very hectic process as you have to make many rounds to the insurance office in case of any minor inconveniences that may happen. However, getting your two wheeler insurance online means that whatever inconveniences or issues that may arise for any reason can be resolved online itself without the need of having to visit the insurance office now and then.

  • The application gets approved quickly 

As the number of vehicles on the road is increasing year after year, so is the number of applicants for insurance, especially bike insurance. This translates to more waiting time in having your insurance approved if you were planning on buying the insurance in person. This is where the advantage of buying two-wheeler insurance online lies, as the whole process happens online, which means you are jumping the queue and getting your application approved in the shortest time possible.

  • You get to select the features that you want

Most of the times, when you want to buy new bike insurance for your two-wheeler, you will want to add many features to it, but you may also not be aware of the costs of those extra features and might end up paying extra. So a major benefit of buying your two-wheeler insurance online is that you can add only those features that you want and also get to see the breakdown of the entire cost with or without those features in your policy.

  • A digital record is maintained

With every procedure now becoming digital and the paper trails slowly becoming obsolete, the requirement of having many physical copies of important documents just for safe-keeping could be problematic and it also occupies a lot of space. This is why you should opt for buying your third party insurance for bike as you will receive your copy in the digital format and a record will be maintained in your online account without the need for having many paper copies of it.

These are some of the benefits of getting two-wheeler insurance online and we hope this article helps in clearing any of your confusion about buying insurance online.