3 Major Varieties of Commercial Door Locks You Can Consider To Secure Your Business

Author : Steve Thompson | Published On : 17 Jan 2022

When you own a business in and around Austin, or for that matter anywhere, one of the important things to consider is implementing strong security measures. Locks play an important role in this regard. You need ensure that the locks are strong, well-built and provide the requisite safety for your commercial property. You might own a bank, retail store, start-up or any other shop. The main thing is to beef up its security with better locks. There are 3 broad varieties of commercial locks you can consider.

Door Locks that have a keyless entry

Commercial Locksmith Austin TX has expertise in installing modern door locks that have a keyless entry. It is sleek and sophisticated. There are no hassles you need to face in order to beef up the security level of your store or office. There is no requirement of a traditional key to open the lock.

Biometric readings are among the major ways in which the person can enter into the property premises. An example of biometric readings is your fingerprint. The algorithm of the lock reads your fingerprint. If it matches with the database, you get the access to enter the property premises.

Crash Bar Locks for Doors

Crash bar door locks are more common in various office settings. The distinct feature of this type of the door in such cases is it has a horizontal bar, installed by a top Commercial Locksmith Austin TX, on which people ‘crash’ to enter or exit the office building. It is particularly helpful during emergencies.

When the building has regular voluminous traffic, the Crash Bar Locks can come in handy. On the other hand, if it is a retail store, then the lock system might not be effective during burglaries.

Door Locks with Master Keys

When you need to secure specific indoor space in your office or commercial arena, you can confidently rely on the functionalities of door locks that have master keys. Such a system makes a space more exclusive for a group of professionals.

A top locksmith wastes no resources in efficiently installing the system and integrating it within your business premises, without any flaws. You will be delighted with the results of such a sturdy lock system. But, keep in mind that the space is still not protected against the limited number of people who have access.

There are more varieties

Do not have a notion that the above-discussed lock systems are the only ones available in the market. There are more options, especially for securing commercial properties and spaces. You can flexibly explore the different varieties of locks in the product list of a top-rated locksmith.

Talk to locksmith professionals

You must interact with reliable locksmith experts and discuss the security issues you are facing in your commercial premises. It is a guarantee that they would come up with effective solutions.

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