How Taylors Lazy Sunday Coffee Beans 1kg Became The Top Trend On Social Media

Author : Dougherty Franck | Published On : 13 May 2024

Taylors Lazy Sunday Coffee Beans 1kg

A light roast with milk chocolate influences and gentle citrus for a soft easy going character, ideal for a weekend of relaxation.

A little tip: Pre-heat your press with some water that is just boiling. If the grounds are added too soon they could over extract, resulting in undesirable ingredients in the cup.

Product Description

Taylors Lazy Sunday coffee beans are slowly roasted to develop flavors such as smooth milk chocolate, delicate citrus and a soft, relaxed character. Whether you're pressing pause during the week or winding down for the weekend, a portion of this gentle roast will go a long ways to relaxing your mind and body.

This delicious coffee is available in two 1kg bags. Suitable for espresso or filter. Taylors is a British-owned company. 1 kg coffee beans certified. Vegetarian & Vegan environmentally friendly.


Lazy Sunday is light roast that is pleasant on the palate. It softens and transforms into warm to your senses. The cocoa from Latin America is used to smooth out the brew while Africa provides citrus notes to balance. The result is a drink that can be consumed on its own, with milk chocolate or cake. It would also compliment lemon drizzle cakes or simple vanilla sponges very well.

We recommend the French Press method to brew this coffee. Heating your vessel by adding some water that has just been boiled will keep it warm. Once brewed leave to steep for four minutes, this will ensure that the grounds are saturated and not over extracted. The water should be moved through the grounds using the plunger, but do not stir or agitate the coffee, as this can lead to unpleasant elements in your cup.

Strength - 3 is gentle and easygoing, perfect for lazy weekends.


Lazy Sunday is an aromatic light roast with an uplifting cocoa and citrus aroma. It has a smooth mouthfeel that softens the palette. The hints of cocoa can be traced back to a winters day spent on the sofa with an enjoyable book and a hug from the family. To brew the coffee, first heat your French Press with off boil water. This is recommended to stop the coffee from over extracting and forming unwanted elements in your drink. Add your grounds and 250ml water that has just boiled. For four minutes, simmer, plunge, and enjoy.