13 Things You Should Know About Pushchair Car Seat That You Might Never Have Known

Author : Espinoza Mooney | Published On : 25 May 2024

What to Look For in a Pushchair Car Seat

A pushchair is an infant chair with wheels that is specifically designed for babies as young as 6 months. They usually come with a seat that can recline to lay flat, and a five-point harness.

Some pushchairs are compatible with a carrycot or car seats to form a travel system. This lets your child move easily from the car to the pushchair without being interrupted.


There are a variety of safety features that you should look for when choosing a car seat to use as a pushchair. No matter if you're looking at a new or second-hand model, it's important to ensure that your chosen pushchair meets the required British standards and regulations.

Check if your pushchair complies with BS 197409/1996 or BS 1888:2003. This will ensure that it is safe for babies and children to use. This includes ensuring that it has an locking device that is secure and that the brakes work well.

It is important to choose a car seat that can recline into a flat position when you choose a stroller. This is important for newborns because research has shown that babies who spend a lot of time in a seated position can have breathing problems. This is due to the fact that their airways are impeded by the scrunched up design of the car seat, and they struggle to take in oxygen.

You can also opt for a travel system that comes with the baby car seat that fits perfectly into the frame of your stroller. This will make the transition from stroller to car much easier as you won't have to wake up your child every time you change modes of transport.

The best models of car seats for children come with side impact protection. This is designed to decrease the impact force of a collision by providing extra padding and energy-absorbing material to safeguard your baby's shoulders, head and chest. This kind of protection could be especially important in the case of a side collision which is a greater risk for infants.

A top tether strap is an additional important safety feature to look for, as this prevents the car seat from whipping forward in the event of an accident. It also can reduce the risk of head injuries. This is a legal requirement on all coach-built car seat.

Easy of Use

A car seat for a baby pushchair is one of the most frequently used baby products so it's important to have a seat that is comfortable and convenience features. There are a variety of options for accessories, whether it's a cushion that is comfortable for the infant or a handlebar with an adjustable height to fit the needs of parents' needs.

Some pushchairs have an infant carrycot that is ideal for babies. It lets them sleep in a flat position that is recommended for their health and development. If they get older it is possible to have a carrycot transformed into a pushchair. The majority can be used with a car seat base.

Look for a pushchair that can be folded quickly and compactly, to fit into tight spaces or the boot of your vehicle. Some models fold with the seat attached, making it simpler to use. There are many different brake options that are available based on your preferences. A foot brake is perfect for everyday use, while an active hand brake is useful when you're frequently stopping and starting on busy streets. There are also jogger-style pushchairs that have three wheels that help you maintain momentum when going either uphill or downhill.

The majority of pushchairs that are 'from birth' will let you choose which direction they face either towards the parent or world facing and can be changed by clicking the seat into the chassis. The Doona however is a game changer because it lets you choose both. You can plug the infant car seat into the Doona and then sit it upright, like a stroller or recline it into a lie-flat position for babies. It's an amazing feature that works with or without the base of your vehicle. It can also be used on trains and planes!

If you are planning on traveling frequently or using ride share vehicles an easy and light to install seat is essential. Ensure the base can be pushed into and out easily. Also, consider looking for an all-in-one travel system that includes all of your essentials.


Style is a personal preference It is possible to find something that will suit both parents and children. You can go for an elegant, sleek look or something that is more attractive and fun, based on your preferences and budget. Top brands offer a wide selection of choices, so you can choose from a contemporary and vibrant or traditional and modern.

You'll need to consider how much money you're willing spend on the car seat, as this is likely to be the largest baby purchase. Many parents opt to purchase an entire travel system that includes a car seat and carrycot in all-in-one package. This gives you the most convenience and comfort from birth and is perfect for busy families who need to get out and often.

Many pushchairs include the option of a lie-flat seat, allowing newborn babies to sleep in a completely flat position that is recommended by experts to help with spinal and lung development. Some brands go the extra mile by including a premium one hand recline system that allows you to press a single button to recline the seat of your pushchair to an even more comfortable position.

Some models come with adjustable footrests, handlebars, and other features to let you customize them to your child's evolving requirements. Some models even have a reversible seating option so that your baby can sit with you for reassurance, bonding or go out into the world to explore their surroundings.

Finally, some brands offer a range of accessories for pushchairs, including footmuffs for colder weather and sun parasols to shield your child from the sun. A sunshade can help prevent your child from overheating.

The best car seats for pushchairs come with a five-point harness that is designed to hold your child's shoulders and hips, the most rigid points on their body. This is the most secure method to restrain your child in the pushchair. It is best to only use a car seats for pushchairs that have this type of safety harness. You can find new single-pull systems like the Cybex Pram that allow you to precisely adjust your baby's seatbelt with just a single pull. This ensures a safe and secure fitting.


There's no denying that a car seat for a child can be quite bulky. To ensure that you have plenty of room, choose an infant car seat that has an ample storage bin as well as a tray for parents and child seat cupholders. This will allow you to keep your essentials at hand when you are traveling.

Choose baby pram www.pushchairsandprams.uk with a canopy built-in to protect your child from the elements. Other handy features include locking swivel front wheels to allow for greater maneuverability and a parent tray that is easy to access and a self-standing fold that means it's easy to store when not in use.

The ultimate in convenience and security A Doona travel system bundle allows you to effortlessly transfer your child from the car seat to the pushchair without causing any disturbance. The Doona ISOFIX Base attaches to the belt buckle of the car seat, and then it snaps onto the frame of the pushchair. This innovative system means you can be ready to start your journey from the moment you are born, and save time on daily running errands.

The egg3 is a different option. This award-winning 3-in-1 travel system allows you to put your infant in a car seat at the time they are born, and change them into a pushchair unit once they reach the proper age. With adaptors for car seats that are compatible with most major brands, this product is a great option for those who don't have a car.

If you're looking to expand your family or have twins, the egg3 has the capacity to convert into tandem with the egg2/3 tandem adaptors that are available. The egg car seat is equipped with intelligent SensorSafe technology that will notify you in real-time via your smartphone if there are four potentially dangerous conditions. These include unexpected chest clip unbucklings, temperature too cold or hot in the carrier or your child being in the carrier for too long.

You should consider purchasing a rejuvenation kit for your hood or a deep cleaning service to ensure your pushchair is in top condition for your next trip. Start by vacuuming, then wipe the fabric with soapy water or sterilizing water.