10 reasons to fly Spirit Airlines, from in-flight amenities to destination options

Author : Emily Rodhas | Published On : 13 May 2022

Once you’ve picked out your destination, it’s time to consider how you will get there. Whether you fly Spirit Airlines or another carrier, getting to your destination should be fun and convenient, not stressful and full of hassles. With the right planning, you can make the journey pleasant and relaxing for everyone in your family. Here are 10 reasons to fly Spirit Airlines that range from in-flight amenities to destination options.


1) Free streaming entertainment

It can be hard to get a good seat on an airplane. It’s also not always cheap. That’s why Spirit Airline Flights has started offering more entertainment for free. Currently, those who subscribe to their free streaming Customer Service Spirit Airlines can enjoy music and movies both pre- and post-flight, giving passengers a wide range of entertainment possibilities. Choose your movie before you board so that you aren’t disappointed if a bad storm forces your Spirit Airlines plane into an unexpected layover! Most people don’t even know that services like these exist...but most people also don’t think about convenience as a Spirit Airlines flight amenity.


2) They offer a quiet cabin

Spirit Airlines is known for its no frills approach to flying Spirit Airlines. In fact, many people know Spirit 24 hours Cutomer Service as simply that airline that charges you for everything. But there are a few things about their services that should make flyers take a second look before writing them off completely. One of those perks is their commitment to keeping flights quiet and peaceful—something travelers who have dealt with obnoxious fellow passengers on packed planes can appreciate.


3) The in-flight WiFi is faster than most airlines

Most flights don’t offer WiFi, but Spirit offers it as a Spirit cheap flights upgrade. The WiFi on Spirit Airlines is speedy enough that you can comfortably use your laptop or tablet. If you’re using your phone or e-reader, don’t expect speeds fast enough for streaming video or downloading big files. However, many people still choose to fly Spirit Airlines because of their outstanding Spirit Airlines flights customer service and ridiculously low prices! You should too. After all, why pay $15 for WiFi when you can just not use it?


4) They have private lavatories for extra comfort

Spirit Airlines has upgraded their lavatories to private facilities. Passengers no longer have to wait for a bathroom at their seats or stand in line at crowded airport bathrooms. Privacy and comfort are included with Spirit Customers Service Number 24 Hours; they know how much flying Spirit Airlines can disrupt travelers' plans, so they make accommodations whenever possible. Even if it doesn't completely match everyone's travel needs, it helps build an image of a company that makes customers feel good about their air travel experience.


5) Great destinations with regular flights

Some of Spirit's most popular Spirit Airlines destinations include Las Vegas, San Diego and New Orleans. Due to Spirit's low-cost structure, many travelers can afford to take weekend trips or even longer vacations that they might not have otherwise been able to enjoy due to budget constraints. Furthermore, Spirit offers all sorts of add-ons such as Spirit checked baggage fees and Wi-Fi that allow flyers more control over their expenses while still enjoying great vacations. If you're a fan of fun destinations like Las Vegas but need a budget airline so you can bring your family on vacation with you without spending a fortune, consider using Spirit Airlines for your next getaway trip.


6) No baggage fees!

Spirit Airlines Customers Service Phone Number USA-based discount airline that operates more than 375 daily flights across North America. Spirit Airlines carries more passengers than any other airline and gives customers access to nonstop flights on an ultra-low cost basis. Some of Spirit’s most popular flight routes include New York City and Los Angeles. However, if you’re looking for flight deals on international Spirit Airlines destinations or have a long layover time at an airport between flights, Spirit has you covered there too. With its convenient and cheap domestic flight prices—all without baggage fees!—Spirit offers customers plenty of ways to save money while getting where they need to go with ease and comfort.


7) Better deals at PAP airports (HNL, LAS, MCO, FLL, JAX)

Those living in Hawaii are very familiar with PAP (Pacific Aviation Plaza), but not everyone knows that they can actually save money by booking through them. That’s because PAP offers deals on flights at a number of Hawaiian airports including Honolulu, Maui and Kona. Spirit Airlines Booking through PAP also provides you with a better selection of flights since there are so many daily Spirit Airlines flights between these islands. Just remember that you will be charged a $26 change fee if you need to make changes or cancel your flight; otherwise Spirit Airlines is known for their amazing customer service and great prices for flights departing and arriving from various West Coast cities.


8) Seatback service offers free soft drinks and bottled water

If you’re a frequent Spirit Airlines flier, chances are you earn miles on their rewards program. If so, there are plenty of ways to use those miles toward other flights instead of paying Spirit directly. Not only is that an easy way to get more out of your points and awards but it also gives you more flexibility with your itinerary and saves you money. You can book different airlines (or airline partners) for each segment of your trip instead of being forced into flying Spirit Airlinesor paying higher rates through another airline’s portal.


9) Use miles earned to purchase tickets on other airlines through their rewards program.

You can use your miles on Spirit Airline’s rewards program to purchase tickets on other airlines. This is an added benefit for passengers who want to save money and still travel around when it’s convenient for them. For example, if you want to take a trip from Boston to Atlanta with Spirit Airlines but are only able to get tickets during rush hour (when prices are higher), you can use your miles on another airline that has more affordable fares during nonpeak hours. The ability to use miles earned through Spirit Airline’s rewards program on other airlines makes it more likely that you will be able to book a flight at a time and price of your choosing. If you are trying save money while flying Spirit Airlines, this could be useful.


10) Low prices mean budget travel done right.

No one wants to pay for extras like a Spirit checked bag or carry-on. With Spirit Flights, you pay for your seat and that’s it! You can take any carry-on as a personal item and check nothing. And don’t worry about losing your bag – you can purchase priority boarding which gets you on board first so if your luggage gets misplaced, it will be quickly located. Stowaway under $20: Spirit airlines has created an option called stowaway. This allows passengers to bring a second piece of luggage onto the plane (except when traveling internationally). This is perfect for people who have lots of extras they want to bring along with them on their trip – such as extra shoes or clothing.