Yamaha 4-String Bass Guitar Trbx304 Mgr-Intro

Author : Shuvro Deb | Published On : 13 Jul 2021

It has a solid mahogany body that's sculptured to suit the player. Shapes and contours in relevant areas of the body make it easy and cozy to carry and to play, and Yamaha has clearly given some thought to the present.

Surprisingly well-balanced…

It is surprisingly well-balanced for a budget guitar and sits comfortably with you either standing or sitting. It weighs just thirteen pounds then is straightforward to handle.

The neck is that the familiar five-piece maple and mahogany design with a rosewood fingerboard and a bolt-on neck that's very stable.

When you stand back and consider this guitar, it just looks right. once you pick it up, it feels right also.

Looking good is one thing, but how does it sound?


Two M3 humbuckers drive the sound and make powerful tones, It are often played in either passive or active mode, but it must be said the passive option may be a little dull and really quiet. It, therefore, excels in a lively mode where the humbuckers can present the tones that we expect the guitar was built.

One interesting design with this bass is that the contour on the highest of the pickups allowing a thumb to rest there to permit a cushty playing position.

Mellow and warm and a pleasant alternative…

It is not all humbucking volume though and features a softer side using the neck pickup that's mellow and warm and a pleasant alternative.

Onboard controls are interesting. it's its usual volume and tone controls but includes a lively EQ with five different style options. These will apply basic tonal variations to what you're playing but still allow room for a touch of tweaking of the sound.

The strings are well spaced to permit for slap or fingerstyle techniques to be made easier.

The hardware is basic but efficient and fits the essential idea of this guitar.

It is well made, offers sound options, and is straightforward to play and at the worth may be a great option.