XShare Apk Download For Android | Latest Version

Author : XShare Apk | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Xshare Apk is an app that can use to transfer files between smartphones and devices. This is a very convenient file transfer app that anyone can use without prior knowledge. Xshare Apk is available for all the platforms like Android, iOS, and PC. The most important fact is this is freemium.

What is XShare Apk

Xshare Apk is one of the most popular file transfer apps on the market right now. It has millions of downloads all around the world. The reason for the huge popularity is it has great features and functions. These help the users to transfer files between all kinds of smartphones, tabs, and PCs very easily. One of the best features is Xshare Apk has an incredible file transfer rate when compared to other file transferring apps.


  • Share Files anytime – You don’t need a time or a place to share files. You can do it without any connectivity limitations.
  • Extreme Fast File Transferring – The transfer rate of XShare is very high. Because it uses WiFi Direct technology. This is way faster than Bluetooth sharing.
  • QR Code and Password Connection – The users can instantly pair with the receiver device using the QR code or a password. This will speed up the connectivity.
  • Ability to send any file – Images, Videos, Music, Documents, and many other file types are compatible with XShare Apk.

How to Download XShare Apk for Android

You need to have at least the Android 4.2 version on your smartphone to install this app. If you have that go to the XShare Apk Download link and obtain the Apk file easily. This is free to get. After that open your downloads folder in the device and tap open the downloaded Apk file a while ago. Then install it to the device and enjoy file transferring.

How to Download for iOS

All the latest iPhones and iPads are compatible with XShare. Some of the old iPhones also can install this app. However, you cannot download it from a third-party website. In that case, you need to go to the Apple AppStore. After that type the app name and select Get app. After a few seconds according to your download speed, you can have XShareon your iOS device.

How to Download XShare for PC

The first thing to mention is there is no official version for PC and Mac. But it doesn’t mean you cannot transfer files between a PC and a Smartphone. There is another way but it takes some steps. At first, you need to install an Android Emulator on your PC or Mac. Then download XShare Apk to your device. The next thing to do is installing this Apk file to the Android Emulator. Finally, you can have the app on your PC or Mac and transfer files easily.

How to Use XShare Apk

This XShare Apk is very straightforward. Open the app after you install it. Then you will load into the home screen and there are 2 buttons as Send and Receive. Select Send button to send files and if you want to receive select Receive button. If you click the Send button, you can select the files and make a QR code. The receiver should scan the QR code to get the files.