Writing and structuring your Dissertation topic

Author : premier dissertation01 | Published On : 19 Mar 2021



The structure of a dissertation depends on your field, however it's typically divided into a minimum of four or 5 chapters (including Associate in Nursing introduction and conclusion chapter).


The most common dissertation idea structure within the sciences and social sciences includes:


An introduction to your topic

A literature review that surveys relevant sources

An explanation of your methodology

An overview of the results of your analysis

A discussion of the results and their implications

A conclusion that shows what your dissertation ideas has contributed

Dissertations within the humanities square measure usually structured a lot of sort of a long essay, building Associate in Nursing argument by analysing primary and secondary sources. rather than the quality structure printed here, you would possibly organise your chapters around totally different themes or case studies.


Other vital components of the dissertation topic list embrace the page, abstract, and reference list. If unsure regarding however your dissertation topic list ought to be structured, perpetually check your department’s pointers and visit your supervisor.


Table of contents


Title page

The terribly 1st page of your document contains your dissertation’s title, your name, department, establishment, syllabus, and submission date. typically it additionally includes your student variety, your supervisor’s name, and also the university’s brand. several programs have strict needs for format the dissertation ideas page.


The page is commonly used as cowl once printing and binding your thesis.



The acknowledgements section is sometimes facultative, and offers house for you to impart everybody United Nations agency helped you in writing your thesis. This may embrace your supervisors, participants in your analysis, and friends or family United Nations agency supported you.



The abstract could be a short outline of your thesis, typically regarding 150-300 words long. you ought to write it at the terribly finish, once you’ve completed the remainder of the thesis. within the abstract, ensure to: