Author : Karry123 Lanas | Published On : 24 Aug 2021

Enter into dialogue with the reader
A common mistake made by novice authors is deliberately complicating the text.

They try to look smarter, insert professionalism (and often clericalism) right and left, use expressions like "As we all know ..." or "Obviously ..." in cases where everything is actually far from obvious. They write in long, hard-to-read sentences and so on.The essay writing service reddit - better in this matter. In most cases, the readers will be divided into two halves: some will believe in the “great genius” of such an author, and their self-esteem will fall below the plinth, others will say: “Who are you to laugh in front of me?” and stop reading. So don't write like that. 

- Classical texts, which assume equality between the author and the reader, help the latter to feel like a genius

Stephen Pinker, linguist at Harvard University

How should you write correctly?
You have to be on the same level with the reader. Use the so-called "cooler test": Imagine that you are reading your material to a friend you met at the cooler at work. Better yet, let someone else read the text. To a friend, colleague, loved one. And ask three questions:

Will he be pleased to listen to you?

Will he understand you?

Will he make the right conclusions?

If the answer to all three questions is yes, then you've written great material.