Wrist Aim vs. Arm Aiming: Which is Better?

Author : Jeson Clarke | Published On : 05 May 2021

It’s an age-old question for PC gamers. Aim with the wrist or aim with the arm? Which is better and which is going to help you rack up more kills? Well the answer is...it depends. Each method works better in different situations. Here’s how to decide which option is the best for you.

What’s the Difference?

First, we’ll need to define the difference between these two methods. Luckily, they’re pretty self-explanatory. If you utilize arm-aiming, you primarily move the mouse with your arm. If you utilize wrist-aiming your hands and wrists do most of the work. The deciding factor for most people is how sensitive their mouse settings are.

Mouse Sensitivities

In general, your aim method is likely determined by your mouse sensitivity preferences. Someone who prefers to aim with their arms probably has their settings on low sensitivity. This is because you’d have to move the mouse quite a bit to get any significant motion. People who have medium sensitivity tend to combine the arm and wrist techniques, and people with high sensitivity will need to keep arm movement to a minimum.

All-in-all the best version of aiming is going to be the one you’re most comfortable with, however, players typically do better when they lean more toward arm aiming. This is because arm aiming gives you much more precision and control, while also minimizing your risk for injury.

Your Environment

A big part of being able to optimize your aiming is by setting yourself up for success in your environment. Everything from the angle of your desk to the size of your mouse pad can affect your ability to aim properly. And if you have a setup that causes you to rest your wrist on the edge of the desk, that can be especially detrimental. It takes away a lot of your control and makes you more prone to injury. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough space to aim properly.

Using an FPS Mouse Trainer

One way to improve your game fast and start playing like the pros is with an FPS mouse trainer. An FPS mouse trainer can help you improve your technique and learn the best way to aim. Making sure you choose a good FPS mouse trainer is key to bringing your skills to the next level.

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