Witness the rise of the 80's action movies!

Author : Dictionary ish | Published On : 20 Sep 2021

Witness the rise of the 80's action movies! First, let's go into a little bit of history. The first "action movies" were not filmed with guns and swords, nor with expensive special effects. They were films that depicted intense battles between equally sized good guys and bad guys using anything they could get their hands on bows and arrows, rocks, explosives, whatever. The movie was all about what happened next: the hero would die, and the bad guy would win. Witness its glory and awesomeness.

We have since gotten so used to seeing these kinds of movies that we take them for granted. The average person sees an action movie and enjoys it without even thinking about what action was used or how the plot point was achieved.

Different genres of movies

We all enjoy the thrill of the chase, the intense battle, the hero defeating the evil villain. But we should remember that there is a lot more to watch than just those kinds of movies!

We need to examine why action movies are so popular. Is it because people have an inherent need to vicariously feel the power and other traits of action heroes and villains? Is it because action heroes and villains are far more interesting than the typical politicians or doctors or lawyers that we have come to accept as being the norm?

I believe it's all of the above. I think people are drawn to action movies because they present an idealized version of what could happen if we were in command of our world. We see someone who we could be if we were in command of our world. We see a character overcoming adversity. We see someone who is strong and cunning and smart and cunning and able to do amazing things... and we want to be that person ourselves.

Action movies made the 80's awesome

There is one thing that has stayed the same though. Action movies are here to stay. They are a fantastic way to escape and to deal with the crazy world that we live in today. There is a certain thrill to seeing someone take on a big challenge, whether it's fighting a monster or a terrorist, or even beating a cheating husband to a pulp. We are fascinated by the idea of someone doing that which we would not be able to do.

This is why I can never get tired of seeing action movies. I love watching them with my children. My daughter is already quite taken with movies involving the police and law enforcement, and she especially likes movies with cops and villains. I also enjoy sitting down with her and watching a movie together to help her understand the characters, and the plot lines better.

It's not all about the movies though. I also like to sit and talk to people about movies with action sequences. I like to talk about blockbuster suits or robots. I'm fascinated with the science behind these things, and I love to show friends what I'm working on. 

Sometimes it can be a little hard to explain what I mean when I'm talking about space ships and aliens, but it makes for good conversation and a great conversation starter.

Another place you can go to witness the rise of super robot movies is the internet. There are a lot of great discussion forums on the web about movies.

 Some are more into discussing plotlines and character development than they are talking about action and to witness it. If you go to one of these forums, you might be able to find a bunch of links to some good super robot movies that you have never heard of. It's a great way to find out about all the new developments in this fast-paced genre of movie-making.