With the help of Nepheli, you'll be able to easily stagger Godrick

Author : Alexis Alexis | Published On : 12 May 2022

Thankfully in both form's Godrick's attacks are extremely telegraphed and Elden Ring Runes very punishable, and generally slow-moving, which can lead to a pretty easy fight once you've found the patterns. Additionally, you can summon Nepheli in front of the boss's entrance if you need a little extra help (or for a distraction). Below is our general boss guide to beat Godrick:

In general you can stick near to Godrick for those who are melee attacker. The axe sweeps he uses have the biggest hitbox at the ends, and if you just dodge roll towards Godrick you'll generally skip them and end up in a spot that you can attack. Just remember that most of these are combinations, so make certain to control your stamina and wait until the final attack in case you are planning to guard counter. If you're not sure, you could stay away from him and watch for one of his slow overhead slams, which are easy to punish.

Another easy to spot movement is his aerial slam which he telegraphs by grabbing the axe's head with his hand off and taking off into the air. Dodge the axe as he descends then get in a 2-4 hit combo while sitting back. Another easy to punish move is his rolling slam. He'll whip up the air around himself and then roll on the ground before rising into the air and smashing into the ground. Move towards him while you are in the air and he'll fly over you, letting you do some back slashes while he recuperates.

With the help of Nepheli, you'll be able to easily stagger Godrick and put a decisive strike in. Focus on elden ring weapons for sale her and then go for many back and side strikes while Godrick is trying to hit her. Keep an eye on his movements because he can shift his focus back to you within a matter of seconds.