With Coolpod’s Freezable Yoghurt Bags, You Can Keep Your Dairy Fresh

Author : Rory Jayasinhe | Published On : 17 Jan 2022


If you love eating yoghurt, you’ll know how important it is to keep it fresh until you’re ready to eat it. After all, who wants to take the risk of yogurt going bad? With these insulated bags and cooler bags, you can store your yoghurt so that it stays fresh until you’re ready to eat it! Read on to find out more!

What Is Freezable Yoghurt Bags?

A Yoghurt Bag is a handy container that allows you to store yoghurts and other dairy products in a way that will maintain their nutritional value while also keeping them safe from unwanted pests. The bags are made of food-grade BPA-free plastic and ensure that heat and moisture are kept inside. The containers have a gusseted bottom for extra volume capacity and come with twist ties for easy closing after filling. They come in different sizes ranging from one litre to five litres.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is keep Freezable Yoghurt pouches or bags in the freezer overnight or for at least 8 hours. When you need, remove the bags from the freezer, take the youghurt tub from the fridge and place it in the cooler bags and close the zipper securely. Coolpod’s freezable yoghurt bag ranges can hold up to a 170g container of yoghurt.

Keep Your Food Fresh

You love yoghurt, don’t you? It’s smooth, creamy, and just about perfect. But if you don’t have the best yoghurt storage, it won’t last long enough to enjoy later on. That’s why these yoghurt storage bags are so handy – they keep your dairy fresh until you need it! And even better – each bag comes with its own spoon! So you can enjoy your yogurt in style – plus have it whenever you like. Your life just got easier!

Keeping yoghurt fresh is a tricky business. It’s naturally acidic and easily spoils when exposed to oxygen or light. With proper care, it should be okay for a week or two in your fridge; but the chances are that if it sits around any longer than that (or has to be transferred more than once), chances are it won’t taste as good as it would have if you kept it in special storage bags.

This is particularly true when it comes to dairy products. You’ve probably seen those pesky ice crystals forming on a carton of milk in your fridge—and that’s before it goes bad! Freezing temperatures slow down bacteria growth and help keep the food and beverages fresh for several hours.

Where to Get Them and How Much They Cost

These are some of Coolpod’s most popular bags. Coolpod offers a range of insulated and freezable bags including, freezable yoghurt bags and Freezable Lunch Bags. With just a few clicks on Coolpod, your new bag will be with you before you know it.

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