Wish to start a Paleo diet? Here comes a perfect paleo diet plan for you

Author : Suborna Fermi | Published On : 08 May 2024

If you wish to start a paleo diet, we can help you out. As you know, following an improper diet chart may not be beneficial at all for you. Firstly, let us acknowledge you a bit more about paleo diet, so that it can fuel your interest to start the diet even more.

Although a lot of people still don’t know about it, paleo diet is quite similar to the food habits of the human species during the Paleolithic Era. To be specific, paleo diet promotes the practice of consuming unprocessed foods and discarding the habit of having highly processed foods. Paleo diet has already become popular these days and so many people are following it. We have prepared a perfect 1-week paleo diet chart just for you. Have a look.

A standard sample Paleo diet chart of One Week

  1. Monday

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, Eggs fried in olive oil, vegetables fried in olive oil

  • Lunch: A small amount of nuts, chicken salad with olive oil

  • Dinner: No-bun burgers fried in butter, salsa and vegetables

  1. Tuesday

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, eggs and bacon

  • Lunch: Some of the leftover burgers from last night

  • Dinner: Vegetables with baked salmon

  1. Wednesday

  • Breakfast: Leftover of vegetables and salmon from last night

  • Lunch: Meat, fresh vegetables and sandwiches with lettuce

  • Dinner: vegetables with ground beef stir-fry, berries

  1. Thursday

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, eggs

  • Lunch: Leftover ground beef stir-fry from last night, A small amount of nuts

  • Dinner: Vegetables with fried pork

  1. Friday

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, vegetables and eggs fried in olive oil

  • Lunch: A small amount of nuts, chicken salad with olive oil

  • Dinner: vegetables, steak, sweet potatoes

  1. Saturday

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, bacon and eggs

  • Lunch: Leftover vegetables and steak from last night

  • Dinner: Avocado, vegetables, baked tilapia

  1. Sunday

  • Breakfast: Leftover vegetables and Tilapia from last night

  • Lunch: vegetables, Sandwich with lettuce leaf, meat

  • Dinner: Salsa, grilled chicken wings, vegetables

Always remember, a paleo diet must be started and continued under the guidance of a nutritionist. You should never start following a paleo diet without the guidance of a nutritionist. As a matter of fact, a paleo diet may not be healthy enough for you. To be more specific, you may not be eligible physically to get health benefits from the diet, even if others find it helpful for themselves. Also, you may go for a paleo profile test before you start the diet.

Consult a nutritionist today and follow diet charts as per their recommendations. We must mention, that the paleo diet does not include dairy products or legumes although both of these have lots of contributions to our health. If you start the diet without any guidance, you may accidentally put yourself at risk of facing a lack of nutrition, which may lead to health issues. So consult an expert before you start this diet, or find a centre of Thyrocare near me to get tested.