Why your Brand Should Not Overlook Custom Packaging?

Author : Ken Wilson | Published On : 27 Apr 2021

Affordable, effective, and memorable; these properties best describe custom packaging. Your brand can look distinct while offering uniqueness when the products are displayed in such boxes.

Often pleasant packaging compels us to buy products that we might not actually need. Years of research have identified the psychological effects that visualization has on our minds. We feel attracted to items that are boxed nicely and tend to include them in our shopping.

Surveys say that 90% of impulsive purchases are due to the appearance of the products and the other 10% happen because people might remember buying a certain item when they see it. This makes it important to craft the outer packaging to the best of your ability.

As a seller, the biggest challenge is to attract a viable flow of customers. A constant increase in sales is what keeps a business going. Your boxes can prove to be life-saving gadgets if employed rightly. The designing as well as the messages you convey through the customized boxes help to establish the brand as per your desire.

What do ordinary boxes printed with just the product name, tell you about the brand that you can retain?

Probably nothing much.

The reason is that brown boxes are not graphically enticing. They don’t do much to grab the attention of buyers and are not printed with informative content to generate trust among customers. The customized boxes can fill this void effectively. They comprise of the following qualities that make them the better selection of packaging solution.

  1. Grab focus with charming look
  2. The boxes make shipment easier as they can be created considering the weight and size of the items.
  3. Elaborate on your digital marketing drives, making more sense of your digital ads.
  4. Create an exciting aura around your brand and products.

With such creative features, modified boxes can provide the next level of brand recognition that you once only dreamed of! Some unique attributes of such boxes can be:

Make a thriller first impression

You only get one chance for this.

The first impression counts because it determines whether the buyers would buy from your brand or not. Your brand only has a limited time window to make a strong impression. Once the customers’ focus is diverted on your boxes, your products can fly off the shelves at a faster rate.

Gable boxes can help nail this first contact. Your brand is only as good as it seems. And this can help you out when the boxes compliment the products well. That is, they offer a good presentation of what the customers can expect from your brand. Popular brands cash in on engaging boxes that make the shoppers stop and notice the boxes instantly.

Also, today, buyers are very knowledgeable about what options they have and how they want the products to function. An effective way to lure their attention is by printing the boxes with educational texts. Seeing the required details on the boxes would persuade the buyers to pick the products over the next options.

Could you imagine when flaky boxes make to the store shelves? Their presence more or less goes unnoticed and the whole point of manufacturing goes astray when the products are not sold in sufficient numbers.

It adds value

You would have spent significantly on producing the right product for your consumer market. But what next?

Durable sales flow can only be guaranteed when the customers are brand loyal. This feat can be attained once they know your brand image well. Spreading brand awareness can be realized with custom packaging that reinstates the brand logo on the buyers’ minds.

Consumers need to get good value for their money spent. How can you give them this without them knowing what’s inside? Embossing the boxes with unique prints and marketing content can give them a superior feel about your products. And they so without being irritant or extra persuasive about it. Buyers are already flooded with marketing drives left, right, and center. Making a mark with rigorous advertising doesn’t work productively contrary to popular notion. Customers overlook these for a distinct branding element that makes the brand stand out.

Your brand can be known for being different when it is promoted through exceptional boxes. These provide a rare opportunity to be displayed more prominently amongst the competition.

Exaggerate the unboxing experience

We all are guilty of watching unboxing videos once in a while. Excessive social media usage has connected the globe. People want to spread information about their experiences of buying from brands. For this, a new trend of making a video about this process and posting it on online portals has become the norm.

Your brand can be talked about positively when your boxes offer a pleasant experience. Even though the customers know the nature of the products they have bought, still the packaging can enhance their excitement and make this process memorable for them. Printing the boxes with engaging texts combined with colors and patterns can help to elevate this feeling even if it is not filmed. The buyers would want to repeat it and order from the products again.

Customizing the boxes makes sure that the buyers get satisfied with their purchases before they actually use the items. This is because it adds to the overall shopping experience.

Gain from exclusivity

Humans are naturally programmed to consume things visually first. Items that look fit for use can gather higher attention from buyers than the ones that may work well but do not appear pleasant. Many brands lose out on their sales potential just because their boxes aren’t customized properly.

This is why your boxes must be spot on in terms of custom-made dimensions, designs, and communication. Even simple custom packaging boxes that look charming can be sold quickly.


You have just seen a handful of reasons why boxes make the marketing gimmicks work well with consumers. It is the only branding channel that is seen by all customers. Your brand will build loyalty and compel repeat orders.