Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your Traffic Ticket

Author : johnw wick | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

Imagine getting a traffic ticket and being scared about what could happen. You might lose your license or even go to jail if you commit a serious offense. A courtroom is not the place to let your guard down and fly by the seat of your pants.

These are The five Most Important Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Traffic Ticket lawyer

1. Ease of mind

Usually, you have about a month or so before you have to appear in court for a traffic citation. During that time, your mind races and you come up with every bad outcome that can happen. Will I go to jail? Will I get a big fine? Will I be able to keep my license? All of this may keep you awake and affect your health. All of this can be taken care of by hiring an attorney. He/she will know the most likely outcome and the maximum punishment you may incur. Your chances of getting a lesser punishment are greater when you hire a lawyer.

2. Chance for a better result

This is probably the single most important reason you should hire a lawyer. When you show up to court with representation, the judge sees that you really believe you are innocent. The lawyer knows the court’s language and can probably win your case quickly.

3. Less expensive Even if you do lose the case

If you DO happen to lose the case, getting your appeal is more likely when presented by a lawyer. Judges are funny creatures. They have all the power and they know it. Having a traffic ticket lawyer by your side makes all the difference to that judge. Cases are still lost and there is no guarantee of victory. You can still appeal and a traffic ticket lawyer has a better chance to win that appeal and have the offense expunged from your record.

4. Less expensive

the cost of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is much less than the fines you may be liable for, should you lose. In either case, attorney’s fees do not go into the public record like fines and penalties due. In other words, your record stays clean.

5. Arbitration and litigation are handled more efficiently by traffic ticket attorneys

In cases where you may need to argue the charges, it is always better to have an experienced lawyer doing the talking. He can shield you from inadvertently saying something that constitutes contempt. You should hire a traffic ticket lawyer for this reason alone. He or she may be able to persuade the prosecutor and judge to give a lesser decision, lower fines, or toss the case altogether.

Lawyers who handle traffic tickets in Jersey City

Take speeding tickets seriously, even if they seem insignificant. You could suffer financial, career, and family repercussions if you violate the law involving motor vehicles. If you’re found an offender, you may earn points on your driving license, be charged surcharges, have your license suspended, pay large fines, have your insurance premiums increase, or even spend time in jail. To keep track of your offenses, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission assigns points.

The fine may seem easier than accepting a generic plea deal, but this approach often doesn’t reduce your points. If you plead guilty to a traffic charge, you accept the liability for it. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Jersey City can advise you on your rights and available options. The Moldovan Law Firm offers traffic ticket representation in court for moving and non-moving violations for the most favorable outcome, including dismissal of the charges against you.

Laws governing traffic in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a wide variety of traffic offenses carry stiff fines and imprisonment is a possible punishment for some. We help people with all kinds of moving and non-moving violations by providing them with highly qualified traffic lawyers in Jersey City NJ