Why WordPress is the most popular CMS

Author : Riordan SEO | Published On : 15 Jul 2021

What is a CMS?

A Content management system, the CMS is software designed to create and maintain digital content. This digital content system is typically used for web content, and there are a lot of CMS available on the internet which can be used to make and manage your web content.

Wordpress CMS

Riordan SEO uses WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world, with more than 64 million users, which makes up 64% of the internet websites made with WordPress, according to cmminds.com. The numbers are still growing, and the growth rate is expected to rise with every coming day. This guide lists some advantages of using WordPress and why it is the most popular CMS globally.

1. Customisation

This is the most significant benefit of WordPress; it provides immense customisation and is regulated very well. Every part of the website is carefully managed, and all the features and functionalities can be arranged and edited as you please. This liberty of using your design and creativity at even the most subtle parts makes the content very unique and promotes versatility.

2. WordPress is simple

Simplicity is the key when you target a pool of people worldwide. Today, almost every individual can use WordPress easily without knowing coding, graphics, etc. all they have to do is download it from the internet and start using it. With over 120+ languages available on the CMS, WordPress has made working on its platform very operative for its users. This vast number of language options makes it so easy to use, yet all the coding and use of computer languages are done at the backend. Apart from other luxurious privileges, WordPress provides you with hosting services as well.

3. Designing

There are numerous theme options on WordPress which can fit into almost any kind of niche. There are tools for different design styles, from the font size to the graphics being used with your content. There are numerous options available. WordPress has more than 50,000 plugins and thousands of themes that enhance the look and design of your website. The themes are very adaptable, and they can be changed with just a click. The plugins installed on your website are potent, secure and add new features and functionalities to your website. One example of this is the WooCommerce plugin which makes e-commerce very effortless. Such plugins give the website the best functionalities they need to run a proper and secure eCommerce business. According to the Hostingi Tribunal, WordPress is used on more than 28.19% of e-commerce websites.

4. Social media and WordPress

It would not be wrong to say that social media is the king of engagement and that, when paired with WordPress, it works wonders. The integration of WordPress with social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, etc., is remarkable, making it so easy to share the content with millions of people. WordPress and social media integration to increase our client’s websites’ content and customer engagement. We use effective integration that ensures our client’s boost in conversion rate, customer, and content engagement.

5. Content ownership

Being an open-source CMS, the content produced by an individual, business or enterprise via WordPress is not owned by WordPress, which means that the content will remain on the internet. It can be changed if the owner desires. In a nutshell, the publishing power is in your hands if you have made the website.

6. It is marketed as “free.”

While it is not 100% free, being marketed as free is enough to convince somebody to use it. Most of the WordPress functions are free, which is why this marketing works for the company. This marketing technique has easily grabbed a swarm of users, and a lot of them stick to WordPress because it is free. Due to security risks, you would need to get some paid plugins installed to maintain privacy. Apart from these luxuries, you have to pay a small amount for hosting to keep using the platform. However, plans and packages are available on WordPress for individuals, businesses, and enterprises to choose the best plan that fits their needs and budget.

7. It has near-perfect SEO (search engine optimisation)

WordPress makes sure that your content gets the best SEO ranking on the internet. The optimisation for web results is so precise and suitable that almost every individual and digital marketer uses it. At Riordan SEO, we take advantage of this feature and make sure that the website or CMS we build adheres to SEO techniques and trends of 2021. This capability has increased web traffic by making our content appear more and with a higher ranking on the web search results. Our team of dedicated SEO professionals know all the tricks to ensure this. This is also a free and subtle feature of WordPress, which has grabbed more than half of web designers globally.

8. The Reputation

WordPress has an excellent reputation as a CMS. A survey from wpbeginner shows that

WordPress makes around 15% of the top websites. This statement alone makes this CMS more reliable to use. For instance, WordPress is used by renowned enterprises like BBC America, The New York Times, Sony music etc. The options and opportunities are endless. Go to YouTube, and all the web related content creators will scream at you to use WordPress.