Why the most popular weapon in COD Warzone is too weak, but you still use them

Author : cammy austillgoz | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

The assault rifle Krig 6 is the most popular weapon Incall of Duty: Warzone because she barely felt the recoil while firing. But after a change to the Mid-Season 5 Meinmmo wants to show you why it may be time to pinpoint the Krig again.

Why go? The Krig 6 has been at the top of the Weapon Meta of Call of Duty for several months: Warzone and struck in Season 3 as a bomb. Just over four months and a pair of Nerfs later, the assault gun continues to place 1 of the most popular weapons and perched with a proper lead over all other weapons (via wzranked.com, Stand 13.09.21).

But a Nerf in Mid-Season 5 made a treacherous recoil gift from the stable general purpose solution. Meinmmo has regarded the most popular weapon again and shows why the Krig 6 is further a meta-weapon, a change could be worthwhile for you.

Krig 6 after the Nerf the new kilo 141

Why is the Krig too weak? The Krig was prior to the adjustments in Mid-Season 5 rather weak on the breast as far as the damage is concerned. The update now misses the assault rifle a third damage area in which the weapon causes even less damage. With a maximum range setup, this third damage area starts at about 83 meters.

Instead of the already border-fluid time-to-kill of 828 milliseconds (10 hits) you have good chances in the third area that the TTK rises to 920 milliseconds (11 matches). That happens if you do not land at least 9 breast goals. No particularly pleasing value, as the opponent has almost a second time to respond to your shelling.

Incidentally, the developers have also made the developers with the kilo 141, which then gradually lost popularity, but still players in the top 15 most popular weapons.

Why is the Krig used further? Together with the Nerf, a small recoil buff came in Mid-Season 5. Before the update, the Krig 6 had a small kink in recoil after 9, 10 balls, which brought at least a little uncertainty into the feeling of the gun. This kink is now less pronounced and the weapon is even easier to play.

In addition, you can now save the underflow attachment field agent handle because this handle helps only when recoiling. But that is no longer necessary because the recoil of the Krig is now so low. This leaves you space for the looter shank that improves your sprinted-to-firing time and shortens the time to sight.

2 Top Alternatives for the Reach Exaggeration Krig 6

How to decide? Looks alone on the Krig 6, the Nerf looks relatively insignificant and as the recoil buff's weakening more than balancing. However, the weapons of the warzone are also in a permanent competition fight with each other and there are some challengers for a long time.

As the biggest competitors, we see the assault rifle Fara 83 and the LMG Stoner 63. Be right now full of the crig, you should pack one of the two times in the loadout:

Fara 83, if you are more of an all-round gun looking for that in melee can also do something Stoner 63, if you can do without mobility and want a strong time-to-kill with little recoil

Fara 83 has little recoil and more power in the balls

Why the Fara 83? Many weapons in Warzone already have a very low recoil without attachments and can be designated with setups as a laser. The Fara is also such a weapon and is one of the most stable assault rifles. She is not a pork, but with just a little recoil, you get a significantly better time-to-kill potential:

Krig 6 (Range Setup)

0 - 50 meters TTK: 736 milliseconds All hit areas (except headshot) 1 Headshot to reduce TTK 50 - 83 meters TTK: 828 milliseconds All hit areas (except headshot) 1 Headshot to reduce TTK From 83 meters TTK: 828 milliseconds At least 9 breast hits (without headshot) 3 Headshots to reduce TTK

FARA (Liberator run)

0 - 30 meters TTK: 608 milliseconds All hit areas (except headshot) 3 Headshots to reduce TTK From 30 meters TTK: 684 milliseconds All hit areas (except headshot) 2 Headshots to reduce TTK

In the direct fight, the Fara almost gains every duel with the Krig and the recoil is also very low. If you need a pure upgrade for the krig, then the Fara is trying to reach.

Warzone: Fara 83 Setup

Eat: GRU-Mündungfeuer Run: 19.5 Liberator Visor: Axial Arms 3x Fall: Speznas Handle Munition: Speznas 60 shot

Stoner 63 is leisurely, but not at the time-to-kill

Why the Stoner 63? The LMG is similar to recoil free as the Krig 6, but offers significantly more damage than the popular assault rifle. The stoners, however, is not 1 to 1 replacement, but is a strong alternative if you want hardly noticeable recoil to your weapon.

Because as LMG, the stoners is some carrier in the important mobility values. You are slower on the way and also needs a little longer. In addition, the weapon has an Open Bolt Delay - a short break of about 60 milliseconds between pressures and firing.

But in terms of damage, the stoners fly past the Krig and can keep loosely with the accuracy, as well as the range. If you do not count on the Open Bolt Delay, you shatter your opponent to nearly 60 meters within 584 milliseconds (8 results). 2 headshots are still setting the time to 501 milliseconds. However, as soon as your opponents feed back, the Open Bolt Delay is important.

If you usually have a machine gun as a second weapon, the stoners as a primary range weapon is a strong companion and shoots your enemies quickly and reliably from the match. Tries a setup with the visor Royal & Cross 4x . Thus, you have a very deep zoom and little visual recoil.

Warzone: Stoner 63 Setup

Eat: Agency muzzle fire damper Run: 21.8 Detailed Command Visor: Royal & Kross 4x Counter: Field agent handle Ammunition: 120 shot

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The Krig further remains an exciting option, but loses attractiveness in its actual parade discipline by the previous adjustments: on the range. Many automatic weapons in Warzone are very stable and can be controlled without problems for kills at 100 meters like the Fara or the stoners. Uses the better time-to-kill potential - the recoil of the weapons is so close to each other that you can take the higher damage.

Be looking for even more alternatives and strong Warzone weapons, look past our list with the best weapons of the Warzone.