Why Should You opt for Virtual Receptionist Services?

Author : Astra Business Centre | Published On : 12 May 2022

You must be aware of the term virtual receptionist who is just like the receptionist of your business organization and company. They used to sit near the entrance of your office to answer every queries of people. In today’s competitive world, every phone call counts. If you miss a call that means you missed an opportunity. Make sure that all phone calls get answered. In such a scenario, a virtual office receptionist plays an important role. This service can be highly advantageous for the small businesses in increasing their sales and marketing.

In recent times, we can see it’s not possible for us to attend all the meetings, replying emails, handling social media, phone calls etc. But with the help of a proficient receptionist, you can finish all your tasks on time. To make sure no call or email goes unanswered, you need to get in touch with Astra Business Centre and get flexible access to receptionist services virtually. They provide tailored virtual receptionist packages to your specific necessities and preferences. Their qualified and trained receptionists will help you to stay connected with recent and prospective business clients via email, telephone, general correspondence, or chat. They will act as a virtual extension of your company. You can also get a virtual office for rent in Calgary from Astra.

Services Provided by the Virtual Receptionist

Following services are offered by a professional virtual office receptionist


  • They will answer, forward and screen, all your business calls. 
  • Help to efficiently sell your products or services
  • Mostly they provide 24*7 customer care services for your company
  • Send your phone calls to your voicemail 
  • Every time they call back to your clients on your behalf 
  • Replying to every email from your customers is one of their scheduled tasks.
  • Usually, they take messages and send them via fax or email
  • They also assist the team of HR with several processes like recruitment and termination
  • Manage diaries and schedule appointments are also the part of their task
  • Organize the allocation of meeting rooms and coordinate the events
  • They handle all the queries and complaints, and all greet all the callers 
  • Overall, they keep the track and manage office supplies.

Why opt for Virtual Receptionist?

If you outsource virtual office receptionist services from Astra Business Centre, that provide virtual office receptionist, virtual office address in Calgary as well, you will get the below mentioned services.


  • Outsourcing to a virtual office receptionist will save not only the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist but will also save the space which is allocating an extra desk for an actual employee. 
  • A virtual office receptionist never asks for any benefits.  You do not have to answer any more phone calls when you are in important meetings. 
  • As they are handling your calls 24x7, you can get the peace of mind knowing that you are not missing any business calls or opportunities and that all your clients are taken care of on a regular basis. 
  • By those services your business will grow, and your customers will be pleased and give you repeated business. 

Astra Business Centre is one of the leading companies and premier provider of virtual receptionist that offers highly specialized services. By their services you can leave the front-office tasks in skilled hands and focus your time on growing the business. If you are looking for Calgary virtual office space, then also Astra will be the option.  Just tell us your requirements and we will tailor our services to meet your business requirements.