Why Should Mutual Fund Distributors Have Access to Multiple Assets Within One Platform?

Author : Wealth Elite | Published On : 10 Jul 2024

Most investors prefer to have all their investments in one place. When they can't find a platform that offers this convenience, they often switch to either competitors or direct platforms. This can pose significant challenges for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs).

Challenges MFDs Face

  1. Redemptions: When investors switch platforms, they often redeem their investments, causing a reduction in the funds managed by MFDs.
  2. Declining AUM (Assets Under Management): Frequent redemptions lead to a decrease in AUM, directly impacting the revenue MFDs generate.
  3. Declining Business Growth: Losing clients to competitors or direct platforms hinders business growth and makes it difficult to expand the client base.

Introducing Mutual Fund Software for Distributors

The best mutual fund software for distributors in India offers a comprehensive solution by providing access to multiple assets on a single platform. This approach helps MFDs retain clients and attract new ones. Here are some of the asset classes that can be managed:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending

P2P lending allows investors to lend money directly to individuals or small businesses, offering attractive returns. Managing these investments through the software ensures efficient tracking and performance monitoring.

Mutual Funds

Of course, managing mutual funds remains a core function. The software simplifies portfolio management, making it easy to monitor performance, handle transactions, and provide detailed reports to clients.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Investors often look for opportunities to invest in IPOs. The software enables MFDs to offer IPO investments under their own code, making it a seamless part of their service portfolio.


Equity investments, including stocks, can be managed efficiently. The software provides real-time updates, and performance analysis, and helps MFDs make informed decisions on behalf of their clients.

Loans Against Mutual Funds

For clients looking to leverage their mutual fund investments, the software facilitates loans against these assets. This adds another layer of convenience and service, helping to retain clients.

Benefits of Mutual Fund Software

Manage Multiple Assets at Once

Mutual fund software allows MFDs to manage a variety of assets, such as mutual funds, P2P lending, IPOs, equity, and loans against mutual funds, all in one place. This centralization streamlines operations, reduces complexity, and saves time. Instead of juggling multiple platforms and systems, MFDs can handle everything through a single interface, making it easier to monitor and manage clients' portfolios.

Attract More Investors

Offering a wide range of investment options makes the platform more attractive to potential investors. Clients prefer a comprehensive service where they can manage all their investments, from mutual funds to IPOs, without needing to use different platforms. This variety can help MFDs draw in new clients who are looking for a one-stop solution for all their investment needs.

Reduce Redemptions

When clients have all their investments managed under one roof, they are less likely to redeem their investments and move to another platform. The convenience and comprehensive service provided by the mutual fund software reduce the chances of clients switching to competitors. This stability is crucial for maintaining and growing the client base.

Maintain Stable AUM

A stable Assets Under Management (AUM) is essential for the financial health of any MFD. By reducing redemptions and attracting more investors, the software helps maintain and even increase AUM. A higher AUM means more revenue from management fees and a stronger position in the market.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Clients appreciate the convenience of managing all their investments through a single platform. With easy access to diverse investment options, timely updates, and detailed reports, clients are likely to be more satisfied with the service. Higher client satisfaction leads to better retention rates and can also result in positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Save Time and Reduce Paperwork

The automation and digital management features of mutual fund software significantly cut down on the time spent on administrative tasks. This includes reducing paperwork, automating client reporting, and managing due alerts. With less time spent on these tasks, MFDs can focus on strategic activities that drive business growth.


The best mutual fund software for distributors eases data management and reduces the burden of repetitive tasks, allowing MFDs to focus on revenue-generating activities that drive business growth. By offering access to multiple assets within one platform, MFDs can provide a comprehensive service that meets the diverse needs of their clients, ensuring higher satisfaction and long-term loyalty. This holistic approach not only benefits the clients but also significantly enhances the productivity and success of MFDs.