Why Science Olympiad?

Author : School Connect Online | Published On : 08 Apr 2021

Online Olympiad Exam

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We have always seen that young children are full of curiosity, a lot of queries in their mind and they always want to inspect how things work. We should never let a child stop their curiosity or enthusiasm for the discovery related to science and their innovations that may lead to big things in the coming era or generation. Science is all about :

  • To know things.
  • To investigate how things work.
  • To invent new things by collaborating different kinds of things.

Olympiads of School Connect Online and its benefits -

  • Olympiad exams like Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, Coding Olympiad and AI Olympiad are a platform that provides us a chance to enhance or develop our mind and to know our knowledge and skills.
  • Olympiad exams are organised on academic/school levels with ongoing syllabus.
  • Olympiad exam is a competitive test, which may help to face any difficult exam in the future.
  • Olympiad exams can be conducted on various subjects like Artificial intelligence, science, english, maths, reasoning, computer, drawing….
  • Olympiad exams help us to be more updated with the modern world and with our syllabus also.
  • Olympiad exams make us know our loopholes so that we can improve ourselves being more focused on that particular subject/topic.
  • Olympiad exams help to bring out the best students or to capture the genius one.
  • Olympiad exams help students to solve tricky questions.
  • Olympiad exams help students to gain extra/additional knowledge to do best in the test.
  • Olympiad exams make students more curious to face such tests.
  • Olympiad exams help students to tackle logical questions.
  • Olympiad exams help students to identify their own abilities and loopholes.