Why Real Estate Is The Most Preferred Investment in India?

Author : Vaibhav Jaiswal | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

When it comes to investment, multiple investment options are available to investors to invest their hard-earned money for getting high returns in the future. While some people invest their money to multiply it and regularly buy and sell assets for that, some just invest their money to secure their future or to use that in case of any emergency. Whatever may be the reason for investment, it should be done with proper knowledge of the returns and risks associated with it. 

Some of the available and most trusted investment options for people are - Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold, and Real Estate investments. While all the different investment options come with their own perks, but, if we look closely Real Estate Investments is by far the safest and less risky investment option due to its volatility being less than the other available options. 

Let me show you why you should invest in Real Estate in India:

Lower Risk & High Returns - The first and foremost reason for investing in real estate is because it is a less risky investment than any other available option.

- With the increasing number of bank scams in India, depositing all your money in banks and fixed deposits is no longer the safest way. 

- Stocks and mutual funds are unpredictable, also one needs to have a good knowledge of current market trends and stocks in order to earn high returns on their investment. 

- Gold can be stolen and even if you are buying digital gold that can’t be stolen it doesn’t change the fact that gold rates are very volatile. It is not certain that your invested money will increase, it can decrease also.

- So what we have left with are Real Estate Investments which are so far the safest and most reliable investment option.     The value of real estate only increases with time and there is not much knowledge required to invest in real estate.

Multiple Investment Options Available - With Real Estate Investments there are multiple investment options available for people according to their needs and capital. If the investor wants to invest a small sum of money in real estate, he can easily do so by investing in a plot. Also, if there is no issue for capital, he can invest in an independent house or even a flat at any good location in or around the city.

Also, if the investor is willing to wait for at least 10 years or he is investing for the future, the best option is to invest in a plot at the outer suburbs of the city at less rates that will give higher returns in the future.

Tax Savings on Investments - Investing in Real Estate can help in significant tax savings for the investor under various sections of the government. If a person is applying for a home loan, he can get an IT rebate on the interest paid, principal loan amount, stamp duty charges, registrations charges, and various other applicable charges. 

If the home buyer is a woman, she can get additional discounts on the interest rates of the home loan. Besides this, she can also get a concession on stamp duty charges in several Indian states. All these tax-saving options are not available with every investment.

Passive Income Source - By investing in Real Estate you can also generate a passive source of income for yourself. For example, if you have invested your money in buying an independent house or a flat in an apartment, you can rent it out at your desired rate.

With this, the capital you invested in the property increases with time as well as you get a monthly payment on your property. This is the advantage of Real Estate Investments that you can’t find with any other investment options in the market.

In conclusion, Real Estate Investments are the safest and most reliable investment option for investors that result in higher returns with less risk. Money invested in Real Estate can increase at an exponential rate in less time as compared to other investments. Also, Real Estate is a sustainable resource which means that after you, your next generation will get benefited from it. So if you are looking to invest your money do consider Real Estate Investments. For investing in houses and plots in Lucknow, you can trust A.K Infra & Reality Developers which is a renowned real estate company in Lucknow.