Why People Get Divorced?

Author : Ronald Wilson | Published On : 05 Jun 2021

Here are some top reasons some experts blame for the soaring divorce rate.

Getting Married on the wrong grounds – Some people Marry for money, yes you read it right. Many divorced women who reveal the problems that forced them leave were there since beginning.


Lack of Time devoted - Investing time in each other for 2-3 hours of your complete attention for your partner and of course pursuing out couples’ counseling and/or books to help you travel through the barriers of a marriage.


Lack of individual identity - A inter-reliant relationship is not healthy. When you do not have your own interests or the occasion to express yourself outside of marriage, you become "couple dumb."If you are not happy doing things without your partner, you are likely in serious and you most likely feel you are sinking and do not know why.


Un-forgiveness - Our failure to truly forgive our partners in marriage is one of the main causes that they fail. Real compassion is when we treat our partners as if they were not at fault this proves to be incredibly challenging for couples. We constantly recall the distress of past encounters and do not let the wounds heal.


The spark disappears - Whoever is the one with the delicate change can trigger a descending curve in the intimacy department. Men commonly want sexual receptiveness to feel romantic on the other side women need romance to be sexual receptive. Till the time both people get what they want, they are ready to provide what the other person wants. However, when there is a decline on either's part, it can initiate a pulling back in the other. If this is not checked on time, this can lead to divorce.


Finances - It is not that the only lack of finances can cause the divorce, at times it is the lack of compatibility in the financial dome. One is concentrated on the future while the other thinks in living for today. One has no difficulty buying on credit, while the other considers in saving up for what one wants. These conflicts can get you to the divorce.


There can many reasons for divorce. By making some adjustments and better planning can help you to safeguard your marriage.


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