Why Learning to Read is Difficult? How can we help Children?

Author : Palak Palak | Published On : 02 Apr 2024

There's no denying that learning to read is a crucial skill for children, opening doors to a world of knowledge and exploration. However, reading can be challenging, and parents often struggle to support their children in this journey. But children are incredibly receptive, absorbing everything around them, which is why it's crucial to start early!

  1. One of the main challenges children face in learning to read is understanding phonics—the relationship between letters and sounds. Many kids find this difficult because they struggle to grasp how letters represent different sounds.
  2. Another challenge is decoding phonemes, the smallest units of sound in language. Decoding phonemes allows children to piece together words and start reading. Yet, many kids find this skill challenging, leading to difficulties in reading.
  3. Fluency, or the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with expression, is also a major hurdle. Many kids struggle with fluency, making it hard for them to read smoothly and without errors.

How can we help your children? When it comes to teaching your children to read, why not give them the best advantage? Our phonics classes for kids at HOSS use fun activities and games to make learning enjoyable. We provide resources for practicing phonics, such as content focusing on letter-sound correspondence and games that match words with pictures. We also work on phonemic awareness, including rhyming and segmenting words into phonemes.

Additionally, we help children build fluency by encouraging frequent reading aloud. With our support, your child can overcome reading difficulties and become a confident reader!

We also encourage parents to help their children by providing plenty of opportunities to practice phonics. This can include reading aloud together, letting children read simple books independently, and encouraging them to write down words they see. Don't wait—start teaching your child to read today!

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