Why is hiring the right candidate is ideal!

Author : Yasin Mohamed | Published On : 08 Apr 2021

A great hire is something every company looks forward to and as a company focused on that, TalentTurbo helps you hire only the best. You know you are heading in the right direction when a receptionist has similar goals and sometimes has more than the company's founder. 

As a conclusion of a recent study, it is said that "Over 7 in 10 business leaders say that it is more difficult to hire the right candidate now because of hiring remotely." This puts hiring a difficult job on a whole new level.

Here are a few reasons why hiring the right people is so important:

Financial Loss:

A single bad hire can take a bit on the company's finances. Recent research shows that beyond revenue loss a company will lose productivity, employee morale and further connections gained. This is especially bad when you are a startup as a single bad hire could completely affect the amount of productivity gained in a limited time with all the resources. These issues arise even after termination of the bad hire as finding a replacement is again going to cost you.

Disturbed productivity:

As much as a new hire brings positivity to a team’s productivity, it can all go away if it's a bad hire. A minor recruiting mistake can slow down productivity which eventually creates pressure on everyone in the team. It indirectly affects the goal on which a particular company is founded. Some influences can be a permanent mark, a bad hire as one of the most important areas to look into in an organization. A bad hire can cost you time, resources, and good employees.

Replacement conundrum:

Once you have identified a bad hire and possibly terminated the hire, you have to start looking for an alternative right away. But the scar of having a bad hire will not fade away easily. It is a probability of how the next candidate will be. Without proper experience in hiring the right person could be overlooked as a part of the friction which was initially created by the bad hire.

Influence on the company's lifestyle:

A new hire can easily change the vibrance of a company. Especially when it's a closely knitted startup. The right hire will have a positive tone and to your team and can add to the company's culture. This is why every new hire is equally important. Also, the right hire will not only work hard but be loyal to the firm but inspiring a team to do the same.

Apart from all this hiring and recruitment has a lot of challenges like lack of resources, less networking, less brand reputation, etc. This is where TalentTurbo will be your best shot of getting it right. With our vast resources of candidates, it is easier and faster to find your ideal candidate. With an effective screening of possible candidates, recruitment via TalentTurbo is the ideal step.

Companies can save resources spent on irreparable bad hires by making it right with TalentTurbo.