Why Is Financial Independence Important for Women?

Author : The Voice Of Women | Published On : 12 Nov 2021

The Voice Of Women


Why is financial independence for women important?

We all know women have been victims of the patriarchal setup of society for centuries. Though we still have miles to go before we have an egalitarian society, recent years have seen a lot being said and done for empowering women. There are several organizations, activists, SHGs etc like CARE IndiaWomen’s Global Empowerment FundSarathi Development Foundation that are making significant contributions in women empowerment…..Learn more

Oxford Dictionary defines empowerment as ‘the ability to control their life and claim their rights‘. No one can actually be said to be having control of one’s life without being financially independent. Also, financial dependence is one of the main reasons for the oppression of women. Women are often cultured to believe that they were born to do the household chores and to care for the husband, children and everyone else. Most girls, however talented, are never given the opportunity to get good education or if educated they are not allowed to work outside and earn. It is the females who are expected to sacrifice their dreams for the education of their brothers or for their husband’s careers….Learn more

How to become financially independent?

You don’t have to be a woman of a certain age with a professional degree to get a job and earn. You can be self-employed or make a good investment. You only need a good plan and a properly planned budget (can be big or small) to start.

  • Planning is the first and foremost step. Instead of opting for the plans that others are following, plan according to your own budget, financial goals, and life-stage needs. You can take help from a professional financial planner…..Continue reading