Why is a clean room important for Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Author : Anjali Semwal | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

Read/Write Heads are the essential parts in the hard disk drive which is used for transmitting data to and from the platter or disk. (The heads 'fly' or move above the disk surface with clearance of as little as 3 nanometers and transform the platter's magnetic field into electrical current or, vice versa, transform electrical current into the magnetic field)



The hard drive head is the small and sensitive moving part that can fail at any moment. A physical problem caused by impacts, shock, shake, power failure, or other external influence - Basically, anything coming into contact with them can cause the failure of the head.


Head Replacement Recovery

When a hard drive has an r/w head problem it’s necessary to replace the faulty head with working ones sourced from an identical donor drive in order to recover data. The process is very much like an organ transplant. Your failed drive is considered to be the patient, and the parts drive is called the donor.


During the recovery process, our data recovery engineers open each storage device to inspect for physical damage and repair or replace delicate components. Tiny airborne particles can accumulate on the open hard disk drive platters or disks, causing read-write heads to malfunction and damage the platter surfaces. When this happens, valuable data could be lost forever.




To protect drives and data from contaminants, Space Recovery performs all (HDD) hard drive recoveries in a Certified ISO Class 100 Clean room environment.



Changing the read/write head stack assembly is a very tedious process that requires expert skill, experience, and the right tools & a certified clean room environment.


But it’s important to note, only an experienced data recovery engineer (not a computer technician or even your company’s top IT guy) can accurately diagnose a hard drive to determine that a clean room or Level-3 repair is necessary.


More and more hard drive data recovery jobs require clean room recovery & donor drives these days because mechanical hard drive failures are on the rise. Modern hard drives are constantly increasing in density, and manufacturers are using more inexpensive components, which leads to higher failure rates. And with increased density and the greater precision of mechanical parts, it’s becoming harder to find compatible donors for part replacement.


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