Why Fashion Designing Is a Popular Career Option in India?

Author : SID Pune | Published On : 18 Jan 2022

Fashion designing is one of the most popular career options in India nowadays. The subject is an ideal choice for those who are passionate about knowing and studying the current fashion trends, sketch designs that are popular in the fashion world. If you are enthusiastic about knowing the fundamentals of fashion design, enrolling in a fashion designing course is a good initiative. 

What is A B.Des (Bachelor's in Design) Degree?

You must have noticed the renowned celebrities putting fashionable costumes and attires in popular fashion shows, film festivals, and similar fashion events. 

It is the dedication and hard work of a fashion designer that is involved in creating those fashionable costumes. A B.Des (Bachelors in Fashion Designing) program enables you to learn the basics of cloth designing and the other concepts associated with it. The practical exposure offered in the program ensures an on-hand experience of designing. Later, you can utilize this exposure in your professional field as a fashion designer. By acquiring some of these basics, it will be easier for you to explore the job diversities associated with fashion designing.

career in designing 

If you are willing to enrol in a B.Des course, always prefer a reputed fashion institute for pursuing the program. Then only you can avail the benefits of enrolling in a B.Des program. 

Career Scopes Unlocked With A Fashion Designing Course

Exploring maximum job diversities

A fashion designing course enables you to explore multiple job diversities in your career. You can take interest in the profession of a fashion critic, work as a fashion illustrator and fashion coordinator. You can also host your own fashion shows for displaying your fashion designs. If the customers find your design impressive, it won't take much time for your design to go viral. It will help you to get brand fame eventually.

Option to start a fashion venture

A fashion designing program ensures you own a fashion venture. As the venture owner, it is easier for you to select and find unique designs that can attract your customers. You can also use your network in the fashion industry to launch your own fashion accessories and products. That will eventually help your venture to avail brand fame. 

Ample scope of innovation

A fashion designer's job needs innovation. If your creative designing skills are innovative, you will find many ways to execute them. The best part is you can quickly create your targeted customer base if they like your designing style. If your designing ideas work out, you will find plenty of professional scopes to work with global fashion designing brands. You can also share your innovative design ideas in various workshops based on fashion design.  

Fitting in the job role of a fashion journalist 

The job profile of a fashion journalist is also very popular these days. You can write articles on popular ongoing fashion trends as a fashion journalist. You can take interviews of renowned fashion icons and celebrities and share it in fashion magazines. At the same time, you can also share your fashion designing ideas about traditional and modern fashion trends followed by people. If your fashion journalism skill turns out competitive, you may get an opportunity to share your articles in global fashion magazines. 


Fashion designing is one of the most popular career options these days. If you are interested in studying fashion designing, always prefer the fashion designing courses in Pune offered by the top-notch fashion colleges of India. Then only you can add the learning outcomes from the program in your professional career later.