Why Do Cats Love Cat Towers?

Author : Grey Cat | Published On : 22 Dec 2021

Do you wonder why cats climb up tall objects or simply sit on elevated surfaces or pedestals?

It is believed that cats like to climb up trees or elevated surfaces to enjoy the lone time. They are quiet creatures who enjoy their own company a lot. But, pet cats don't get access to actual tress on which they can climb and enjoy a moment of serenity. That's why cat owners need to invest in cat exercise towers or cat trees to give their cats the sense of peace they long for. It is proven to be beneficial for both their mental and physical health.

But why do they even like to sit in high places and watch around? It is because they want to feel authoritative. Let's see all the reasons why cats love to cat towers.

Cats feel Safe

Cats feel safe and secure when they are sitting on pedestalled surfaces. Cats in their natural habitat like to climb up trees and sit on the highest of the branches. This makes them feel safe and secure about themselves. This also allows them to observe their surroundings and notice if anything is wrong. This also helps them spot hunters. If they see any danger, they try to climb up more to save themselves. The opposite, too, happens. That is, they look for prey on whom they can feed.

A pet cat, too, has the same instincts and behavior. So they also like to climb up whatever heights are available at home. A pedestal also helps them calm and reduce feline instincts. It acts as a place to hide and escape inside the house. This is an entirely natural behavior.

Cats Feel Confident

Cats and kittens can also be shy and timid. It is not necessary for pet cats to be fierce and confidant. But generally, a cat is always confident and rigid. A cat tower is a great way to boost up their fallen confidence. When cats can check around and see what's going, they feel they can be in charge and thus have credence. Cat towers also make the cats spend more time with their families. They generally like to stay alone and enjoy quite a bit of me-time. Cat towers will also prevent them from hiding in random places, like under the bed in the home.

When you have cat towers at home, they also become more visible. Cats' natural tendency to hide away fades when they get pedestals to relax on. Cat towers have drastic behavior changes on them. You can also see visible productivity in your pet cat. They not only like to chill and relax on cat towers but play on them, like climbing and running. Other than physical activities, cats tend to do mental exercises as well on cat towers. Many cat towers have problem-solving activities attached to them. Cats tend to use their intelligence to solve those problems leading to good mental exercises for them.

Marking personal territories

Pet cats quickly get horizontal territory, like their bed, or under the bed, or even a quiet corner in your room. But what they highly lack is some vertical territory. A cat tower or cat tree can provide your cat with adequate vertical territory. Vertical habitats for cats are proven to be more fancied and convenient for them. Vertical territory helps them have more space and be more comfortable in their living space.

Cat towers are also great when you have more than one cat at home. As cats like to stay alone, they wouldn't necessarily want to spend their entire day with each other. They constantly would long for a bit of private space. This even helps with behavioral problems and makes them calm. But, if you have a small area where you cannot manage to keep separate cat towers for each cat you have, invest in multi-layered or giant cat towers. They have multiple levels on them that can help all your cats in having a separate space. Thus your purpose gets solved, and also, you need not spend much money or living space in your house.

Cat towers are perfect for the physical enrichment and mental positivity of your cats. They help in balancing their bold behavior and extreme timidness in cats. It also controls their scratching tendency, as they have multiple surfaces on which cats can scratch.