Why Create A Lookbook & How To Create One?

Author : Simon Walker | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

Why Create A Lookbook & How To Create One?

As an alternative to the original product the customer wanted, suggest complementary products. A lookbook created using Magento 2 lookbook extension allows you to add markers that link together products that complement one another. With just one click, you can add products to the cart.

If you upload images to your Lookbook, you will be able to create multiple image collections based on what you see. Using this extension, each image can be pinned, giving a comprehensive view of the entire set of products and individual items within it. Different images for each product and the individual item can be pinned onto the one main image. Any type of store you can think of, whether it functions as a clothing store or an accessory shop, is undeniably equipped with these features.

In What Steps Should You Take?

By using the Lookbook extension for Magento 2, you can use a very aesthetic and persuasive way to attract customers to purchase your products. By creating look books based on industries, you can create fashion, furniture, jewelry, etc. Combine several complementary products to make a lookbook.

You can create separate landing pages for this purpose with the extension. Here you can see all the looks you've created. In addition, the extension gives you maximum flexibility and customization possibilities. You can have multiple displays for each product that you display in the lookbook, as well as different specifications, types, etc.

  • Simply looking at an image can give customers an idea of a product collection:

?Is it true that there are a series of product collections, but the descriptions of each are missing? Separating tags for each item in a collection using the Lookbook extension is an interesting idea.

  • Purchase of Sets and Combo Packages:

Displaying products in a combo makes it possible to encourage buyers to buy more. I recommend showing only one image containing one set of items instead of several detailed ones. By showing customers how these items relate, they will be more inclined to purchase them.

  • Attachments Can Be Pinned Easily:

SKU codes allow you to quickly locate the item you wish to attach. Simply enter a few keywords into our search engine and you will be able to find the attached product. Here are some practical ways to save time. Furthermore, an admin can edit the label of each pin (thus displaying the Product Price automatically), as well as the position of the popup image.


Consequently, the administrator may place that extra "note" at any location of their choosing. Every aspect of administration is the administrator's responsibility.

  • Add all products to the cart:

?Customers can purchase all products at once while saving time by clicking a button like this. Rather than clicking "Buy now" repeatedly as they browse items, the user can simply click "Add all" once, and all the simple items (without options) will be added to the shopping cart.

When you focus on the Add All to Cart button, you will only see the pinned points of satisfying products. Some items are automatically hidden, like those that aren't part of a simple product with no custom options. By changing the admin panel, the admin can make this button appear or disappear within one minute.

  • Add All Products:

?Magento 2 provides a button, "add all products" that allows customers to purchase the entire collection at once. To purchase all the products, the customer does not have to click on more than one. It is possible to disable it from the admin panel if you believe it is unnecessary.?