Why Are School Excursions So Important?

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 11 Sep 2021

School excursions are educational tours where students are taken to a place to impart knowledge. These tours are conducted by the school management to make learning for students more interesting. Conducting School excursions is one of the most effective methods to deliver academic concepts. So, nowadays schools have made excursions a part of their curriculum. However, the importance of school excursion in Gold Coast is plenty. Take a look at some of the most key advantages. 

Interactive sessions 

This is one of the main benefits of educational trips or excursions. These tours allow students to interact with teachers, friends, and others freely. School excursions usually include an interaction of a third person who is not from the school management or not a teacher. This provides students with a bit of liberty to interact with these new contacts. For instance, an educational tour to a museum in a science centre includes students interaction with the guide or curator of the museum. 

Academic augmentation

One of the importance of school excursions is the boost it provides to the learned concepts in the classroom. As a teacher, you can reinforce basic concepts to the students by arranging an educational tour to the topic related site. 


Excursions organized by school management allow students to visit new places. This is a big opportunity for the less fortunate students to travel to new places without having to spend a lot of money. Educational trips also act as a window of opportunity for students when it comes to choices and careers. It introduces students to other professions more than the ones conducted behind closed classroom doors. 

Better perspective 

Visiting a new place often involves new people, new adventures, and new situations. Some school excursions are organized to a different country or state. This type of educational tour drives students to a whole new world. So, excursions enhance the outlook of the students and help them to update their perspective of the world around them. 

A unique learning environment

School excursions offer an informal and unique way of learning. It allows students to get a break from the usual chair and desk learning method. Educational tours to open spaces like parks, zoos, and botanical gardens offer a natural learning environment. Such surroundings offer a relaxed and casual method of studying. 

Makes student curious

One of the benefits of school excursions in Brisbane is that these trips make students thirsty and curious to gather more information and knowledge on the topic. Students get eager to see what they have achieved through textbooks in the classroom. 

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