Whiteboard Animation

Author : Charlie Ronnie | Published On : 31 Aug 2021

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video in which the data appears to be hand-drawn on a whiteboard or on a white backdrop. Because clear pictures are easy to explain, it's a popular technique to express more complicated ideas.

Benefits of whiteboard animation: 

1. They leave an impression. According to Dr. Richard Wiseman's research, a whiteboard animation retains 15% more knowledge than a talking heads clip.

2. They're adaptable. Whiteboard animations are appropriate for a wide range of topics, including educational videos and marketing content.

3. It's simple to make your own. You don't need any skills or expensive equipment to make your own whiteboard cartoons, unlike live-action video material. VideoScribe, for example, does all the legwork for you in a fraction of the time.

4. They manage to keep your interest. The mixture of music, motion, and graphics engages to all of our senses, and the animations' drawing style makes us curious about what will happen next.

5. They're entertaining! Whiteboard animations assist people study by putting them in a positive mood. The content is no longer labor, but rather an amusement.

What is the best software for whiteboard animation?

  • FilmoraPro.
  • Explaindio.
  • MySimpleShow.
  • Camtasia.
  • Easy Sketch Pro.
  • Adobe Animate CC.
  • Doodly.
  • PowToon.

How do I make a whiteboard animation video?

1. Create a script. A script is the foundation of any excellent whiteboard animation.
2. Make a voiceover recording.
3. Make a rough sketch of what you're going to do.
4. Arrange the images in a pleasing manner.
5. Make a roadmap.
6. Make a video of it.
7. Sync the audio and video.
8. Add music to the mix.

Are whiteboard videos still popular?

The popularity of whiteboard animation clips can be attributed to various factors: They have the ability to simplify and compel a difficult or boring issue. They're entertaining as well as instructional — they're both enjoyable and practical! Compared to other animated shorts, whiteboard marketing videos are more cost-effective.