Whipworm Infestation in Your Dog

Author : Slack Tony | Published On : 21 May 2021

Have you ever heard of whipworms? These worms are one of several common parasitic intestinal worms that affect our dogs. Dogs typically contract whipworms from eating contaminated food, flesh, or soil. Learn more below from a pet clinic Virginia Beach, VA.

Symptoms of Infestation

While some whipworm infestations remain totally asymptomatic, those that do show symptoms will include things like diarrhea (possibly bloody), bowel inflammation, dehydration, and even weight loss and anemia if the problem isn’t dealt with.

Treatment Process

Take your dog to the vet right away if you spot the above symptoms. Fortunately, infestations aren’t usually difficult to treat. Your vet will need to confirm the presence of the worms with a stool sample, and then a dewormer medication can be administered. This kind of medication also kills off the worm larvae in addition to the adult worms themselves, preventing further infestation.

Preventing the Problem

When your dog is outdoors, make sure they stay away from garbage, roadkill, and anything else they shouldn’t ingest. Keep your dog on a quality heartworm preventative, which also protects against other worms like whipworms.

Talk to your veterinarian Virginia Beach, VA if your dog needs a heartworm medication. We’re always here to help!