Which Is Your Favourite Tankard?

Author : Buyatankard. com | Published On : 16 Oct 2021

Tankard is a cylinder-shaped drinking cup. In the ancient days, tankards were made with silver. In contrast, it can be designed with wood, leather, ceramic, etc. It has a hanging lid on it. Moreover, seeping beer tankards are just perfect. So you can find beer tankards on google too. There are a variety of tankards;

Wooden Tankards

The original meaning of 'tankard' is a vessel, and later the vessel is identified as the drinking pot or drinking vessel. In the ancient era, tankards were made of wooden staves with no additional lid on the vessel, and people exclusively used them to drink different beers or other drinks. 

Glass Tankards

Metal tankards usually escort a glass bottom. The story behind the glass flat bottom drinking vessel was to refuse the King's shilling, i.e. mobilization into the British Army or Navy. The drinker might see the coin within the bottom of the glass and refuse the drink, thereby avoiding mobilization. However, this is often probably a story since the Navy could press by force, rendering deception extra.

The primary punch was thrown in a bar fight, whereas the recipient had the drinking vessel raised to his mouth; another legend had the glass bottom enforced. Therefore, this saw the attack returning. A further story was that the glass bottom just allowed the drinker to gauge the clarity of their drink whereas forswearing the expense of a fragile pint glass. Glass bottoms are sometimes retrofitted to antique tankards, reducing their price and believability.


Conversion is called the covered tankards, which are now out of fashion. The lid-covered tankards were popular in the 19th century in England, and the people liked to use this lid-attached drinking vessel at home.

History Of Tankards

In the mid 16th century to 18th century, tankards were popular in tall vessels or jar type. They were prepared with metal, silver and engraved with minute designs. The Elizabethan drinking vessel, for instance, was a carved or flat pursued decoration to the body with continental influenced patterns and the classic S-scroll handle. Moreover, each foot and canopy were heavily adorned with styles portraying fruit and feature a compound thumbpiece with a solid decoration. By the seventeenth century, this style had been replaced by an understandable cylindrical vessel with a flat lidded lid. These tankards were easier and typically solely carved with armorials. It is confirmed that the sizes of tankards were magnified and commissioned for ceremonial and display use. Associated in Nursing applied skirt foot became a well-liked feature. Because of the warfare going down, tankards have begun to be crafted with an agent gauge of silver.

Personalised Tankards For You

If you want a tankard as per your choice or wish to print your face or beloved face on the mugs, then go for personalised tankards. You also get such variety in the market, or you can scroll through different online portals that have multiple options available for you to choose from.

Take Away

So, if you are on the lookout for different types and kinds of tankards, go through the tips above and purchase the best quality available in the market.