When Applying For Advanced Study At York University In Canada

Author : Ashok Chandran | Published On : 16 Sep 2021

       Canada is known for world class universities and colleges. As you look for a higher education programmes in Canada, choosing the right institution could turn out a question of concern for many students. You will have to obtain your qualification from an institution that is recognized across the world. York University in Canada is one such institution whose fame is spelled not only in the Americas but also in Asia and Europe. The university takes a remarkable position in the list of the top universities in Canada. The institution offers a slew of courses. With a tailor-made SOP for York University in Canada, the first step towards getting the admission there is guaranteed.

Courses offered in York University

If you are wondering which courses are available in York University for selection, here is a list of them. Having an idea about the courses will be helpful for you if you want to request the admission panel for Statement of Purpose sample for York University in Canada.


At York University, you have a grand menu with tailor-made advanced study programmes. The programmes are classified into:

  • Masters courses
  • Bachelors courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Computer courses
  • Science courses
  • Humanities courses
  • Business courses

Your eligibility for a higher education programme will depend on a few things like your previous degree, score in previously completed course, what you want to become in the future, what your motivations are etc. The most basic criterion is your existing qualification itself. For instance, if you want to do master’s in mechanical engineering, you will be required to have completed your bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

A good SOP makes a lot difference

As one of the leading universities in Canada, York University is very particular about the students they admit for their programmes. In order to ensure that they are allowing in only the eligible and capable candidates, they demand the students to write a winning statement of purpose. In the SOP, a number of important points will be carefully analysed such as the disposition of the applicant, his personality, future plans and achievements.

So, if you are thinking about writing an SOP for York University in Canada, make sure to write it perfectly after carefully studying and understanding what the institution expects from you. For professional assistance, feel free to write to us requesting samples or assistance.