What You Should Master to Ride a Mountain Bike like a Pro?

Author : Keith Eastman | Published On : 04 Oct 2021

The experience of riding a bicycle is something that possibly everyone enjoys. Isn’t it? However, in comparison to road cycling, one needs to be more skillful during mountain biking. There’s no doubt that it is one of those activities that can cause an adrenaline rush. Having sound knowledge of specific key techniques can help one ride a mountain bike like a pro cyclist.

Keep reading to learn about the best ways to improve your mountain bike riding skill. Those who put in dedicated effort daily succeed in mastering correct mountain biking methods. Doing the same will enable you to ride your bike faster, confidently climb hilly areas, descend downhill and enjoy riding a local trail like never before.

However, it is paramount to pick up one of the top standard mountain bikes for sale. You have to practice riding your bike from the first day, keeping the below-mentioned ways in mind to accomplish your goals. Whether you want to ride such a bike to become a professional mountain biker in the future or stay fit and enjoy trail riding, grasping the proper techniques is indispensable.

Here’s what you need to master.

Correct On-Bike Body Posture

Forget about pedalling along an almost flat path or up a not-so-steep climb; it’s crucial to keep the right body position during a technical part. You must learn how to control your bike and maintain the flow consistently and securely while entering a series of corners or downhill.

To get through the uneven sections of your MTB trail confidently, use one of the premium quality mountain bikes in South Africa and keep your body posture correct. According to expert mountain bikers, riders have to keep their head up, wrists down, and drop their heels.

Ability to Corner

You might have heard if you are an avid follower of the mountain biking sport that ‘Pro MTB riders jump to show, but they corner to dough.’ A pro mountain biker needs to master cornering remarkably well to stay ahead of competitors. It does make all the difference and help a rider gain a few seconds during mountain bike racing competitions.

It is vital to keep your feet parallel while tackling corners. Ensure you set your riding speed and hit the brakes before approaching the turn. While looking through the corner, you need to take the turn, ensuring your body follows the course of the turn. Remember to keep the outside foot of yours down on even corners. Dropping your outside pedal is a strict no if you want to improve your cornering skills.

Spin Properly

One of the crucial aspects of mountain biking is cadence. Many regard the same as the rotation of a mountain biker’s cranks. Even for professional cyclists who specialise in riding on off-road terrain, it takes a considerable amount of time to spin accurately.

You can gain traction even on rugged trail conditions when you acquire the proper bike spinning technique. You must practice pedalling circularly instead of doing the same in squares. It is cardinal to avoid jerky downward strokes to maintain your balance.

Climbing and riding through uneven and bumpy sections of your trail will become easier for you when you learn how to spin correctly. You should research before investing in an MTB. It will be prudent to visit a reliable online bicycle shop in South Africa to buy your mountain bike at a budget-friendly price.

Hit Both the Brakes Timely

Pro mountain bikers know the importance of hitting the brakes in a timely manner aside from pedalling efficiently to complete an MTB trail. You should pay heed to set your bike’s speed and identify the ideal spot to hit the brakes. Try not to be too jerky or stiff on the brakes.

Doing so may affect your bike’s balance, send your weight forward, and end up compressing the MTB’s suspension. Keep in mind that it is necessary to hit the brakes smoothly right before corners or technical sections.

Descend Correctly

Undeniably, downhill sections of a mountain bike trail always make riders experience immense stress. However, many professional mountain bikers enjoy this particular adrenaline-pumping part of a trail the most. It can be quite challenging for new MTB riders to descend steep downhill sections.

You might take more time but know that regularly practicing can help you learn how to descend technical sections without any fear. Braking sharply is not advisable as doing so can cause your bike to skid. You should try staying tall on your bike, set speed, and brake smoothly before steep or near-vertical sections.

Bottom Line

Besides the ones enumerated above, to learn to ride one of the best mountain bikes for sale in South Africa like a pro mountain bike rider, focus on the path you want to take during an MTB trail. Riding a mountain bike on hilly terrain is an adventurous and enjoyable activity. Hence, it is extremely crucial to relax and stay confident while mountain biking on a path full of rocks, stones, and loose particles.