What you need when detoxing in Austin

Author : Infinite Recovery | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be a long process. It might even take you a few tries to figure out how to do it right. The hardest part is making the first move towards getting clean, which is why we’re here for you 24/7 with detox financing. We offer door to door concierge detox care in Austin.

For most people, detox usually takes between four and seven days. A lot of times, people will just try quitting cold turkey on their own after detoxing without professional help, but doing so increases your risk of relapse—and that makes you susceptible to overdose and death, especially if the drug has already changed your tolerance level or otherwise made you more vulnerable than before.

No matter where you’re detoxing from, we want to help you ease through the transition and recover with no stress or financial burdens.

Detoxing is an experience unique person to person. Even though detox is unique, that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult or dangerous. Your transition back to sobriety can have an impact on you, mentally, physically, and emotionally. That’s why at our detox in Austin we provide individualized care, 24/7 medical help, and stabilization to make your transition back to sobriety as easy and stress-free as possible.

All of our patients will receive:

Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment (if needed)

Individualized Detox Plan with medication regiment

Medically supervised detoxification in our state of the art facility

24/7 medical supervision & nursing care by board certified physicians and nurses

Individualized treatment plan with 24/7 access to counselors, alumni, aftercare coordination, sober living referrals

Stabilizing medications when applicable (antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication)  to help alleviate symptoms associated with acute withdrawal

Heroin addiction is a highly dangerous disease. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 23 percent of people who use heroin become dependent on it within two weeks. Treatment for heroin addiction usually takes between one and three months, but can be longer depending on how much you’ve been using. It’s not easy to get clean, but if you’re looking for some help, call us at (844) 334-0169.

We can get you or your loved one treatment immediately. Our intake coordinators will speak with you about the procedure and go over all of your available payment options to get them enrolled in a program that fits their specific needs. If they have any questions prior to admission, we want to make sure they are answered so you or your loved ones feel comfortable going into treatment. For more information on detox financing through Prescription Hope, contact us today.

The need to detox before the holidays is upon us. If you are in Austin, TX and want an effective yet low-cost way to do it, contact Dr. Vicki for a private full health evaluation while detoxing! This means that not only will you get your regular checkup but also blood work, EKG, and other tests depending on what you need. The best part? It's all done in one day so that when it's time for Thanksgiving dinner with your family or friends instead of feeling bloated or sluggish from food sensitivities like gluten or dairy products which can cause bloating and digestive issues - you'll be able to fully enjoy yourself!

1. You can enjoy private full health evaluations while detoxing in Austin

2. Health evaluations are necessary to determine the root cause of your symptoms and how best to address them

3. Private full health evaluation services include but are not limited to general medical history, blood tests, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid function test, stool analysis

4. Private Full Health Evaluations in Austin Include A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to Determine the Root Cause Of Your Symptoms And How Best To Address Them 

5. If you're looking for a way to get back on track with your wellness goals this year then look no further than our private full health evaluations in Austin! 

6. We offer a variety of programs that cater to every individual's specific needs including weight loss plans and nutritional consultations which will help you get on the right path towards better overall wellness!